viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Status report for the weak of patience (no offense intended)

Hi my estimated hentai associates, UrielMan here with a little (very little) report to satiate your hunger for updates :P

I know things seems to be pretty slow, and ... they are indeed, as for the re-sprinting of the wolf, work it's almost halfway done (it didn't quite went right, since I have to go to every frame and re-position the new parts) as for now, standing, running and attacking animations are done, as for the sex animations, the old down-normal animation will be now the down-turned one, and in its place I made a new one, there's also a chance I throw a blowjob in there, time will tell. And since the gallery needs the animations, that's on hold.
As for bug fixing, all the previous bugs have been squashed except for the cloth one, if worse come to worst, and all else is done, I'll upload the next demo with the bug still in there.

As for the rest of the extra content, I haven't been in contact with my associate lately, so I don't know yet how that goes.

And finally, as for any kind of release date, I really can't give you one, but I'll try to post more often so you at least know what the heel I'm doing XD; well, that's all for now, I'll see you on the same Uri-channel at the same Uri-Hour XD.


9 comentarios:

  1. least we know you still are trying and thank you :)

  2. The better something is, the more time and work it needs to create.
    There are appearing crap games thousandfold each week.
    So I can wait for a good game as yours because its more worthy than 1million bad games.
    Take your time and have fun in creating your gem :)

  3. you make a good job. Keep it up ;-)
    and I look forward to the new update very

  4. Good games take a while. Take your time.

  5. according to the status bars, you've squashed the clothing bug. Would you mind telling us what the bug was?

    1. What it was, or what was causing it?

      Because if it's the same bug I'm thinking of, it's where no matter what you did, you couldn't clothe your character anymore.

    2. You wanna go check the bug report section for that ;)

  6. Glad to see an update! Thank you for taking the time to post it. Looking forward to the new version whenever it comes out. Keep it up!