viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Another update

As i promised, here's another update:
I think i finally ended modifing the sprites, so far as golem man, so at least, it's stage is playable to the end. If you find any bugs feel free to add your comment.

jueves, 10 de junio de 2010


Well after a hell of work, finally i can upload an update to the game, and you are wondering : "whats up new?" well time is a waste, so here are the details:

-Adde the first all working (i hope xP) skill, a double jump, you can equip or unequip it from the skills menu in the game (adquired skills will be automatically equipped), also the game should remember if you have it equipped qhen you load your saved game.
-The button configuration is working again (somewhere in the road i miss to save an upgrade i did, thats why it stopped working), also i added my personal assistant to the options screen, so if you see her, feel free to aks her for help.
-Added a heart that will boost your max life by a fixed amount.
-Fixed all tha animations of the rape wolf and kuro Jr. though i had to remove the cum ones (dont worry ill add them again soon), this was the main reason why it took so long to be an update, and i warn you that since i meddled with a lot of my symbols on the flash project, golemman's animations are buggy.

Regards and stay tuned for more.