lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2015

martes, 3 de noviembre de 2015

New Section

Ok, here's the video file from Sunday's stream you crazy bastards, I warn you, you're gonna be bored to dead >.< It took its sweet time to upload though, I forgot my upload rate is ass, so even 300Mb took a long ass time.

Also. don't forget to check the new section FAN ART, where I'll be posting the fan art you guy send me, shocking I know, a section called fan art to store fan arts, outrageous. Anyway, originally they are planned to fill the loading screens for the game, but since the updates are so scarce, I figured it would be better to post them here so ppl can see them as they are submitted and not who knows how many years from here in-game.


lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015


So, at the end of yesterday's stream -Sorry for those who couldn't make it due time zones, I actually save the session, but stupid me, being stupid just so happened to mess with the settings of the recording software just before starting streaming, and the whole thing came with no sound, and I realized until the end, not that it matters much since I wasn't using the mic (which I might use next time, it's annoying to have to stop and change windows to answer questions on the chat), just bg music, but since I didn't record the chat window I think the video, I think all the pauses would be annoying without seeing why they are, I don't know, if anyone really wants to see it, I guess I can upload it, it didn't came out big- someone asked what would I do for the next one, and since I didn't finish what I was doing yesterday (replacing one of the wolf's sex animations) and I didn't think it would be fun to just leave it and continue next Sunday, so I didn't really knew, so it was suggested that I asked here, and I think it's as good idea as any, so let's go into this.

Ok, the basic of this is I'll just give a quick run down of what I can do for the stream, because, for example, debugging is out of the question because I think that will be dead boring to watch. I'll leave it open for this posts's replies if you want to elaborate on your vote.
So it comes down to what is there left for the demo, as I want to spoil as little as possible the things to come past that, so for example designs or animations of new enemies are also out, well, I guess designs would be kinda ok, but that will still take away time I'd rather spend working on the foudation that is the demo instead of creating new content and have a bigger mess to fix in the future, I don't know, I'll just leave it to you guys, leave your suggestions and we'll work from them.