miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

Report#Final strech

Wasn't feeling too good yesterday and didn't post anything.
Ok, so, animation is almost done, just a bit more and it will be done, other than that, the CG is missing and the ship being actually enter-able so you can go a see the inside and save while inside of it.

This is is ppl, the moment of true draws near...

martes, 17 de marzo de 2015

Report#Running out of time

Not much to update today, I've been busy working on the dialogues that will be in the intro, but I'm still on it, setting it up to work in xml format, hopeful with a nice typewritter effect; we'll see.
Still, we are past mid month, so, yeah, deadline is approaching fast...damn deadlines; are you guys excited? Because I'm not -_-


lunes, 9 de marzo de 2015

Report#That guy

So, yeah, worked a bit more on the intro, got a couple things done; re-sized the window to match the game window; some may not remember, but I increased the size of the game's "screen" quite a while ago, necessary for the gameplay changes to come. Feeling optimistic actually, I might get this done this month.
But still, I don't want anyone's hopes got up, when this is done, there won't be any new enemies or areas, I've said this several times on the past, but there's always that guy that won't read and will complaint that after a year and a half(?) there  wasn't even a single new enemy added or something like that. So, I'll repeat, this current beta build (the one I'm working on right now), NOR any following ones, will feature any new enemies or areas, the current 2 areas and the current 4 enemies is all you'll see until I finish the game and it's released (Which will be god-knows-when). Just a reminder.
What WILL be on it, is the tweaks to some of the animations (Mitsuko's), the new intro, the new end credits, and whatever I changed along the way that wasn't planned on this update's work load (like the window size thing).


lunes, 2 de marzo de 2015

Report#Images worth a thousand words

With the crisis averted (for now, still not letting my guard down), it's time to get back on business.
Not much to report if I were to put it into words, so I thought I would be best to let the image speak for me.

This is part of Mitsuko's ship interior (I might rework it a bit to match the scale; or maybe just make her ship larger, and it will be used for the intro sequence (remember that CG I had started? yeah...ended up scraping that, but thanks to that I now know what exactly I want and how to use it). The ship's interior will be used also on the main game, right now, when you enter it and don't have all 17 items, it's just a save room, but I plan to let the ship accessible since the beginning of the game, not much will be interactive, it will be just for immersion purposes, if immersion is even a concept applicable to H games anyway.

Aside from that, not much more to say, other than I'll try to get my lazy ass to work so I finish this this month; we'll see.