Here you can view the different images, sketches, prototypes and what not for the game.

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  1. The first, and foremost we see here is Mitsuko in what seems to be an alternate version of her first suit. The color scheme is ripe, and the stripes along the shoes go well with her gloves and shorts.

    The main menu! Where it all begins, just after the warning, of course. Options galore, and the start of an adventure that journeys though combat and survival.

    This helpful blue pill will cool down Mitsuko, making her less horny. Pretty rare. Collect them if you can! Or don’t…

    An opposite, the pink pill will increase the heat of Mitsuko, making her more horny by increasing heat.

    In many game's I’ve played, a box or power up with the characters face usually indicates an extra life. while not implemented (yet?) It would be neat to have an extra life when the will bar hits 0, then wake up some time later naked but with heat down, and still at the mercy of the opponent.

    A skill! to be exact, the double jump skill. These are vital to progress though the game. There is nothing like a new power up to make a certain kitty a living legend.

    Like the skill, this one is new clothing. Even with all the dangers, all the enemies, a 1 VS all scenario that would put even the most strongest heroes into the shivers, Mitsuko still has the time to accessorize and dress into new threads. It's also new armor for when the other clothes gets damaged. Cosmetic, *and* functional!

    Clothing repair! If you don't wanna get raeped, then these will help by covering Mitsuko's pride, and dignity. Another rare drop. Completely optional….

    Ammo cache; these babies tend to come in two sizes. Both will give you a little more firepower when dealing with the adversaries.

    If you ever find that your Will bar is low, then you want to seek these out. Just like ammo, they come in two sizes. Both will let you be molested by monsters a little longer....

    A heart! Or, a capsule heart. While not included in the game, (yet?) I would presume that this would have taken place of the Will capsules.

    Got keys? no? Well good news! these key cards will open the doors of the corresponding color. All you must do is press, "up," and the door will open. Vital to getting to new areas.

    The spear; Slow, but long range, and powerful with harder hits. If you want to keep Mitsuko’s distance from the baddies, then she will enjoy the spear.

    Daggers; Weak, short range, but fast. There are no juggling moves with it. The continuous attacks makes up for the downfalls, with quick slicing and dicing actions.

    The sword; The first weapon you pick up, and versatile. It is the middle of the three armaments, in terms of damage, speed, and range.

    We see that a wasp is about to have its way with our heroin. The Discovery Channel would have a fit if they found out about this.

    Mitsuko X Horse. She is horny, and wants to have lots of sex, consensual or not. This is what happens when the heat bar gets too high.

    During the adventure, Mitsuko will come across control panels. They may do various things, from moving platforms, to opening doors. Seek them out!

    Mitsuko will find many skills, weapons, and clothing sealed tight in these capsules. if you break them, you can gather the contents. Be warned though, you will need certain guns, for certain capsules.

    1. yep, you're right about the 1up, i found a file called 13_1up in the game files after extracting it. sounds similar to the sound that is played when recovering hp in the older final fantasy games(most like 8's)

    2. ive also found a "kuro jr" which seems to be a floating eye ghost

  2. (post split to fit text box)
    An enemy, and by the looks of it, a very horny wolf. If it catches you with your pants down, then you gonna get raeped.

    A standing wolf. maybe it has not seen our heroin yet. They will try to have their way with her.

    When things go to a bad end, there are CG's to complement the various creatures that Mitsuko will encounter when the Will bar hits zero.

    Loading screen! they provide a brief rest between stages, along with art to oogle at.

    We have a lovely photo of the star of the show. listening to some jams. What she’s listening to, we'll never know.

    We met the wasp earlier trying to have its way with the resisting power of our heroin, but this time a little different appearance. An enemy not yet implemented (as of yet/?)

    The ship! the Sails of the black sea stars! The very machine of capable flight that Mitsuko trusted to hold her during her travels upon the traversing space along the time of infinite travels. Unfortunately, it came to a crash and was forced to a nearby habitable planet. Good thing this pile of rock was safe to land on! bad thing, it's inhabited by creatures...

    As far as CG's go, this was the first one that was presented, (as far as I am aware of.) when defeated by a slime, our kitty becomes the personal slave for these gelantnes masses of goo for the remainder of her days.

    Chibi Mitsuko! She is waving 'hello!' to everybody, happy and energetic. Or perhaps, she is waving 'bye' to everybody before she visits the Mud Golem.

    Remember, in space, no one can hear you moan...

    1. I like the way you explained everything, and you did it quite well

  3. The words themselves speak marvels, combined with the pictures it is a magnificient experience! You are a skilled wordsmith dear sir, I had a great time reading this :) Also, it is a nice thing to have a gallery here, nice work Uriel :)

  4. Awsome dude any chance u can keap adding more stuff? Maby more cg or more power ups and enemys , that's if you don't mind, if you can't no problem anything would be fine :) thanks urielmanx7

  5. Just to let you guys know, I as long found what appears to be unfinished sprites of mitsuko fucking with a purple version of herself (ditto?), different tentacle rape (vines?), and various new masturbation sprites