lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017

Finding myself

Last week (well, last, last week, I wanted to put this before, but had to sort out my thoughts, and last Friday I catch a cold), the topic of if I should migrate the game to a better suited platform came about, and I've been thinking about it during the weekend.

And I think if I ever want to finish this, I need to 'move forward', the game has been gathering 'dirt' (you might think the game is fine enough, but it's like a house put together with gum and masking tape) over the years to the point where I'm overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs retouching that I literally don't know where to start, and whatever progress I made seems irrelevant to the mountain of stuff to do. I need a clean state.

So for the end, I'm gonna start looking on other platforms to migrate the game.

This might end up as a wild goose chase, but better that than continuing as this pace. My hope is that I will find some (if not all) of the things I've implemented in the game so far are so easily done on the current platforms, that migrating the game would be a very feasible thing to do.
So, what I need is if you guys know of any good game maker platform, leave me suggestions, I'll be looking on my own of course. And yes, this does mean SpacEscape will have to be put on the back burner for a while.

And the thing I'll be testing the waters on, is that spin off game I mentioned ages ago with Minitsuko, basically just a mini version of SE, very simple and short. Seems the perfect thing to do for the task.
I'll be streaming the process as much as I can too, hopefully some ppl on the stream will happen to know the selected platform and can help speed things up.

EDIT: In the mean time, I'll be creating some basic assets for the testing, like Ministuko basic animations and on enemy, probably that will be the first stream, I'll keep you posted.