martes, 1 de mayo de 2018

More Testing

This is going more with a fantasy like feel than the sci fi I want; although, you can pretty much justify any crazy monster in sci fi too right? What can I say? Succubus is my fav monstergirl so.

At least I got a new enemy out if it: The Flying Bat-Dick; just like how Morrigan has her trusty bats that carry her bags when shopping, she has her dicl-bats to fuck any silly kitty that comes too near… Which totally weren’t inspired by the flying banana penis I did on that Dixie Kong study, or the flying musical dicks from the draws of the melodious monsters from yugioh :V. But I digress.

The whole idea behind her was to have an enemy in the game like the SA-X from Metroid Fusion, because you know, I’m original like that. So that ny something or someone a copy of Mitsuko is made and now you have a nemesis like enemy hunting you throughout the game. Another idea is that whatever place Mitsuko is, there’s this overwhelming lustful influence that outright gives her lust physical form, albeit not stable, so she wants Mitsuko’s body, so in the end both will become one again, nut it would be like a fight to see who absorbs who, if Mitsuko absorbs her lust side and remains the same,, or her lust absorbs her and she becomes the sex mistress of the place, there’s a couple endings right there.