viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012


Now, don't get your hopes too high, I'm not posting because I'm working on Mistuko X again....well, in fact, yes it is. I've realized that I could never sleep peacefully knowing this was left incomplete, so I thought it's time for me to finish this off, in order to move forward.
And in order to do that, I'll have to cut some of the things I have planned for this, maybe I'll use them for the next game (it all depends on how well this one does), so let's get down to it:

The final game will have 4 bosses (The Golem, other 2, and Dark Mitsuko, who won't be a boss in the regular sense, but like my version of the Samus-X from Metroid Fusion)
Therefore, there's only going to be 3 stages, plus the final.
There won't be any cheats code, but unlockable content (I'll try to put as much as I can: gallery, extreme mode, invincible mode, boss rush, etc)
The Skills will be reduced drastically (I first planned like 16, but that was overdoing it A LOT, so now it will have 5, 6 tops)
Also, I planned some status growing, maybe I'll keep this, I'm still not sure, since it's not so hard to implement, and gives the player that "customized" feel that's always welcomed.
There won't be anymore suits, there's just the underwear and the main suit, maybe, and I MAYBE, I'll add a special one, just for unlockable's sake.
The demos will be very scarce, due to the fact that I'll be putting the final release on DLSite. The reason for this is because I can't think of a better way to really know how much (or less) people like my work, and to know if I have any hopes on this as a business, or if I should keep it as a hobby.

And now for the updates:

The Slime is missing only 2 animations and it's ready
I already have another 2 enemies to work next  (Horse, and a wasp)
Before I forget, these new enemies were done by Nopenamegirl and all credit goes for her (thx girl ;) )

And now some images to spice things a little:

Well, that's all for now.