jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2018

SpacEscape ver 11/22/18 and Road map.

Now with this sudden "burst" of updates; I figure I should lay down some things so ppl don't get the wrong idea about this (even though I know 90% won't eve read this and still be clueless).

So, as I've said plenty of times; this version of SpacEscape is dead AF, gonna start anew on a better engine, or should I say, a REAL game engine, flash is definitively is not suited for what I'm doing, or how I'm doing it.

That being said, as I've stated on previous occasions, nevertheless, I want to leave this one as polished as possible, so it's is own thing and whatnot. So here's a small list of the goals I want to achieve before I officially finish this beta:

  • Make sure there's no game breaking bugs. AKA, any bug or malfunction that renders the game unplayable and forces you to close and reopen it or render further progression impossible.
  • Finish the GoR CG I had planned.
  • Remake the images that appear on the ending credits; because they suck ass.
Those are the main things I want to do, everything else is secondary, like graphic bugs, glitches and the like. I want to tweak what's already done, and try to balance this thing into something a it more enjoyable, before, there still was the possibility of new stages and enemies, so there was room for improvement down the line, but now that i'ts done regarding content, some changes are in order, like rearranging stage elements, change a music, basically what a remaster means nowadays, trying to improve a game without actually working on it ;V

And now for this new update:

  • Changed some things that may have ppl think there's more to this beta than meets the eye.Specifically:
  1. Updated the gallery so it only shows the four enemies there are.
  2. Removed the damaged doors that were behind the doors you open by having the key cards, I got reports of ppl thinking there was a way to repair them and access more content.
  3. Added a "heads up" screen at the start, a resume of all this changes.
  • Rearranged some collectibles to fill the spaces the damaged doors were using.
  • "Improved" the wolf's ai, wonder if anyone will even notice a change.
  • Updated the title screen with the official font.
  • Added the version number of the beta on the HUD, on the top right were the area name anf FPS counter are.
  • Fixed an erroneous message on the red console left of the elevator.
  • Tweaked the boundaries of the Golem "hide&melt" attack in hopes of preventing him to go out of bounds. Further testing required.
That is all.

UrielmanX7.exe Logging out.

domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2018

SpacEscape Demo ver111818

No...You're not dreaming, nor is this a cruel April fools joke (it's mid November, com'on guys), you are reading correctly.

Some of you discord lurkers may still remember; I mentioned a couple weeks ago I wanted to start working on the flash version of the game on stream, doing some debugging session real time;you know, leave it as polished as it can be so I can properly close that chapter and the focus on working on the new engine (haven't chose one yet). But the laziness was starting to creep in, so the other day I decided to just go for it, I knew if I set a date it would only end in dis motivation for me. Anyway, long story short, I squashed a couple bugs, that I thought were bugs, but after checking the latest version, they weren't even there, seems in the inter I made quite a few changes, so I ended up having to put the shit into a playable level again, and then I can start the polishing; but no new content, don't go and get your hopes up, this shit is staying like this in terms of content, no sense of adding more shit when I'm about to start anew in a better environment; but, you know, as I've said, I want to leave it as nicely finished as possibly, in case I die during the war, at least that will remain as my legacy ;V

Now, if you excuse me, I'm gonna go to the bunker and cover in fear to the monstrous tidal wave of bug reports incoming after this.