martes, 26 de julio de 2016


So no stream yesterday. A storm came about, and I didn't want to risk having a power out and losing potential progress, and corrupt the video file for the stream,

Instead, I bring to you the updated version of the Beta. It contains everything from the streams and up to the slime's dialogues (as well as the option to toggle them on and off). So, go ahead, download it, play it, brake it, and report back :P


Without further addo, I'll sign off.

domingo, 17 de julio de 2016


No stream tonight; EVO finals ;P

lunes, 11 de julio de 2016


So, after last stream (LINK), I didn't particularly liked how all of it was spent on just the dialogues, so decided to open the collab for the sex dialogues to full, while I'm working at more pressing matters, you all can literally work on the game to speed up the development, I figured why not, this dialogues thing is something not so consequential, like, you know (and if you don't , now you're gonna) that I'm somewhat reluctant to accept help, mainly because I want to do this shit as much as by myself as possible, but with something like this, it's fine since it's not like I can't do this, it's just a speed boost (which IMO this works way better than patreon or donations, where you give money in hopes it motivates me to work faster), and now when you see the "and you" on the special thanks of the credits, it will have more meaning right? Besides, from what I've read, no all are thrilled by this feature, so...

So, reply to this post with your suggestions for what Mitsuko should say (or think, whatever), during the sex animations. Here are the RULES:

ENEMIES TO DO: HORSE, GOLEM, Jellyfish(spoiler) and WASP (not so much spoiler)- HORSE and GOLEM are priority for now, since those are already implemented, but feel free to add lines to the other 2 enemies, it would only help in the long run.
Don't worry about the slime, it got about halfway done on the stream, I'll finish it.


  • GRAB/STRUGGLING ANIMATION (normal and turned arousal levels)
  • SEX ANIMATIONS (normal, turned and horny arousal levels)

There's no horny grab since when Mitsuko is horny, you get insta-raped remember?


  • NORMAL: This should be pretty self explanatory, just a defiant/no consensual/disgusted/etc mood.
  • TURNED: Some may think, "ok, so turned is the middle one, so semi willing", but no. The way I want it, is more leaned towards willing, you could argue almost horny. The best way I can think of describing it; would be like she being in a daze/drunkenness for all the stimulation, to a point where she almost doesn't know what's going on, so resistance is almost none.
  • HORNY: She loves it, and you love that she loves it, do I need to say more?
Ok, so about the GRAB animations, remember that in those there's no sex yet, no insertion of any kind, just foreplay ate most.

I think that would be all, I tried to be as clear as possible so hopefully everyone gets it. That being said, of course I will be "debugging" the submissions, so don't expect a line you submitted is going to be just like that on the game, or be in it at all, I think that goes without saying, but.

Ok, so that's that, later.

Oh! Also, don't forget to state what enemy arousal and animation your quote is for...Doi!

lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

Interactive Stream

Tested the sex dialogues on the next enemy, the slime, so far so good, the game does change between dialogues according to the enemy raping Mitsuko, had to battle my way through a couple bugs, but everything is working as intended, now it's just adding the actual dialogues. Also started adding the option to toggle them in the options menu, alongside the hentai option, which I don't think I ever mentioned here? But yeah, you will be able to toggle the hentai content on and off.

Also I forget to mention earlier that I did fix the bug you saw me struggling with in the last stream, turned out as always that it was just a stupid mistake on my part that made me think how did I thought it was a good idead to code such a thing in the first place....*sigh*

So, next Sunday stream at the usual hour, I'll be using you guys again, let's try and get all the remaining sex dialogues done, shall we ;)?

I'll see you there. UrielMan logging off.