viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

One hella of a update

Greetings, today im very happy with the progress so far with the game, why? just check it out:

I just dont know how i did it but i get rid of that bug that made the floor jumpy, man i was starting to think that would be with me until the end.
All the weapons are fully operational, theyre scattered through the stage so you can try them (except the flame thrower, which you have to beat golemman to obttain it).
Added two special effects to the elec shot and ice blade: elec shot will stun enemies for about 3 secs, and ice blade will freeze them until you hit them again.
Now you can do combos to the enemies, but sadly you end beating the shit out of them, so ill work on an invincibility state so they have a chance to strike.
Also i fixed all the remaining wall bugs so i hope you wont be able to go out of the stage anymore.

So have fun and if you find any bugs please let me know.
BTW this changes only apply to the golemman stage.


miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

One more step foward...

Another day and another update, this time i have finally get the weapons to work, you can shoot standing, jumping and crouching, but no running.
Also im experimenting with security, and converted the swf via a third party program so you wont be able to resize the window or maximize it, i hope this gets rid of the problems when playing in widescreen monitors, i dont own one, so im just taking wild shots here.
Please notify me of any bus you find