sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2016

-U- Is dead.

So, yeah guys, relax, I'm not dead, I know, been a while since the last post, but honestly, you should be used to these random hiatuses by now no?

 If I were actually dead, I have my rig set up like L from Death Note and it woul post on all my social media I'm dead :v

Anyway, so far that bug glitch/whatever the hell it was hasn't happened yet, so I guess there's nothing to stop me from getting back to work... Unless; I've been kinda held hostage playing Dragon's Dogma; yes, I know, I already played that one, but the other day I started to watch videos of it and wanted to play, and discovered that it was my only steam game that didn't had the synchronize with the cloud option enabled, so I lost all my saves when I format for win 10. So I started it again, and man it hooked me like the first time; been playing 12hrs straight every for the past 2 weeks; it's bad enough that I have a very hard time stopping watching/playing something I like, and on top of that the game being too addictive.

But yeah, that's for the update on things; I'll go and check my current build versus the last one here on the blog to see if there's enough difference to put another version; because I don't even know what's in there anymore >.<. Either way I'll make a post regarding that.

-U- Is dead.