lunes, 22 de enero de 2018


It's a me, Urielman!

So, I just dropped by the other day and saw a high amount of comments on the "deep" animation, and  I didn't remembered so many, I guess that shows you how long has it been since I checked my own blog :P

Anyway, after reading some nice warmful comments, specially the angry ones (no, really, I'm glad that the game can still induce such a reaction, it means they really care :') I know because I would do the same). But I gotta say, some of you give me too much credit T-T

So, I decided I've tortured you enough so here's an update of me lifes that no one cares about.
Basically, no progress on godot, I hate the winter season, believe it or not, the cold makes me even more lazy, I even haven't drawn much at all, just commissions, not playing much either, just some Skyrim now that I noticed the script extender was released for the special edition, oh and a bit of Subnautica that just released, haven't got that since it was very early access.

So, as I've put on the picarto channel, I kinda want to wait until the cold settles down a bit (you have no idea how cold my room gets, like cooler than the outside, and no, I have no heater, I'm too cheap to buy one), to restart the streams and honestly everything else in general, having your feet into ice blocks and your fingers into popsickles somewhat deters me from wanting to do anything. You could say everything is "frozen" for now, no? ok...

I know, I know, "what the hell am I doing with my life" "I'm even serious anymore?" "Do I even care?"

The answers to all these and more will less likely be reveled in the next Bat-episode, at the same Bat-hour.

Besides, I've been doing this shit for 9 years, what's o a couple more? :P