sábado, 13 de mayo de 2017

Hot fix ver-051317

It was brought to my attention on the last post a bug were ppl can't get past the difficulty selection. I tested it out of curiosity because I remembered working on that bug at some point, turns out it's still there (although it only happens when there's no save data, and it fixes itself by just restarting the game so it creates the file); would have looked at it sooner, but since I've been seeing the issue of the controls not working on the title menu (Remember that Any version from 052715 onwards is incompatible with older saves.
To delete your save look for MitsukoX.sol in this folder:C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects).

So I kinda immediately dismissed any report of controls not working as that one; my bad.

Download links have been updated. Rollback to the last version, the wolf is kida broken since I did start messing with him and I forgot about it, this fix will be on the test version that has the training room.

Back to being lazy. 


I really can't remember if I mentioned here, I guess it's fair to tell, although I have no obligation.

Last year I got 2 big projects in my hands; one doing CG for a game, the other working on a mugen char's sprites (~300), on top on the normal work I do at the comic (sainaheart.com). These 2 projects pretty much will be ongoing through all this current year; so, at a regular basis I'm working at 3 things at the same time, at all times, plus the random commission I get here and there.

Needless to say, I'm a pretty lazy mofo to begin with, so I have a pretty limited pool of will to do work (yes, even things I like, not just work), so just doing this pretty much depletes all of my "energy", so when the weekend comes (supposedly I would work on the game on Sundays), I had like no will to work on it (literally haven't touched since last update).

So, what all this means? It's the game dead? No, of course not, the development dies when I do (literally); but, as things are now, I would say the development surely hit a wall, so (as always) I can't really tell you a date or estimate to expect some progress... Although, don't tell nobody, but soon there will be an "update" of sorts, not entirely game related, but not entirely unrelated either.

I also wanted to address the patron topic, since I saw a couple of comments on it.
I understand where ppl come from with this (money does solve most problems isn't?), since it's a pretty common thing nowadays, almost mandatory even (and interestingly enough, I've just happened to see a few ppl making one out of followers requests); but, as stated on the sticky at the top, I don't like to accept donations, and that's only because money is not a drive for the game, nor am I investing any on it, so if you would give me a million dolars (patreon or donation), it won't help the development, since I need time, not money to do it (besides, I can't just throw away the work I have now, I have ethics); in fact, I think donations would hamper it, because then I would feel obligated to work on the game, like, it wouldn't be an option, because I would feel bad letting the donation going to waste (at least for me, other mofos might just take the money and continue like nothing), and I would like it less to work on it since it would be "by force"...
Furthermore, right now I'm pretty comfortable on the money situation, as I'm still living at my parent's (though I do pay "rent" I take care of the power bill), and money is not a problem, I like to say I will never make a patreon, but you can bet your ass that if I'm on the verge of being homeless I will do it in a heartbeat, let's be honest here. I'm planning on moving out relatively soon tho, if everything goes according to plan, by next year I might be able to bought a piece of land to start building my own house (thanks to the afore mentioned projects), so we will see, if/when I'm living by my own, the commissions aren't cutting it, I might have to swallow my pride and do a frigging patreon and work full time on the damn game (jk I love you game! :V).

So, until that fateful day, I'll see you guys, on the next angryJo-I mean, *ahem* I will try to at least touch the thing, maybe set small goals, just for the sake of making progress, like for example, the thing I want to iron out right now, is combat mechanics, like enemy ai, player move set, stats actually matter and the like. So I was thinking of making a "training room" ala fighting game, where you can just spawn your favorite mob and let it rape you to your heart's content without getting a gameover; since this would require a lot of testing, and also it would replace the gallery mode, I think this approach will be better, and it will save me some work, because the gallery is a pain to do the way I have things set up, the training room will be using the already existing code, just have to make some spawning code for the enemies and allow god mode so you don't die, that's pretty much it.

So, if I ever get to it, next thing I will be posting would be the room itself, probably will just make a rip-off of the one in SFIV/V, next would do the spawning code, and at that point I could update the beta with the room on it so ppl start to fiddle around with it as I make modifications to the "combat system".

Wow, how do you like that as a status update? I really don't feel like going through all that and re-read it so hopefully it came out as working as intended, if not, well, just take it as the ramblings of a crazy old man, and I'll c y'all when I c y'all.