viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

Next Demo

Just one more animation for the slime, and a little cutscene after the intro and technically I'll be able to post a demo, I say technically, because Pen finished the horse animations, and since all the enemies have the same base code, it will pretty fast to add the horse, so my question is, do you guys want a demo right away or do you prefer to wait to see the horse too?

In other news, I got rid of the suits selection screen, now when you got stripped, you only have to grab one of the cloth restoring items, you grab it once, and it'll restore your undies full health, grab it again and you get back all your clothes and they are automatically equipped.
Instead of said screen, I'll replace it with a status customize one, in there you'll able to buy upgrades for each of 4 stats:
  • Attack.- Obviously, this will boost the damage you inflict on enemies
  • Defense.- Will affect your cloth resistance and rape resistance (take less damage from rapes)
  • Will.- Here you can raise your max will power.
  • Lust.- By developing this, it'll be more hard for you to get aroused.
The only thing that is left to decided is the rate at which the cost will rise every time you upgrade an specific status, and if I should make the "currency" for the upgrades finite, or infinite (enemy drops), tell me on the comments what you think and if you have a suggestion on another status to upgrade, let's hear it.

That's all for now