lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

Report # Play?

This time I didn't touched the game as per see, instead, I started working on the script for the intro (it will be an animation after all, so it kinda needs one), I think it will help ground this more easily so I have a plan when it's time to animate and avoid running around like a freaking headless chicken.


lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

Report # I TOLD YOU

I told you! I knew it! I frigging knew it. The whole issue with the not spawning enemies was just due to a stupid mistake on my part, easy as pie to fix and now the intro level is pretty much done. Only a few more things to tweak, and then I'll do the intro sequence for the game.


lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Report # I'm a lazy bitch

No update this week, sorry folks :(

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Report # Angry Flash

Hi everyone.
So for today's report I did some fixing on the pause menu, added that when you up your stats, the number changes green to indicate you have put points into there, you know, just a little visual add. Semi busted the bug that sometimes makes that the controls don't work on the title screen, and I said semi busted because I fixed one of the triggers, and I know what the other trigger is, that for some reason, if you press esc (so far only tested that key, could be more) the controls just lock, I have yet to investigate why is this.

Speaking of that, flash got angry at me when I was trying to spawn a couple of enemies on the intro lvl, I had everything set up so all that is needed is just copy the movie clip that handles the spawning, but for some reason is not executing the code line that loads the enemy on the stage, weird, as I used the exact same thing for the current 2 playable stages, damn you forgotten gods of Flash.

In other news, kudos to good'ol Kyrieru for reminding me of a change that I was gonna make, but forgot for some reason, and that is to de-cheap the enemies, and what I mean by that is make them fair, like the slime instant attack animation, and the wolf attack pretty quick too, at least faster than the average reaction time, so it makes them feel unfair, like you can't even dodge unless you know what they are going to do. And the fun thing is that I already did that with the horse, he strikes ard but slow, though I think I did overdo it a bit, anyway, the refining for that will be for the next beta, after I finish the intro level.

So, that's all folks.