domingo, 24 de junio de 2018

What, who? Me?

So update...updates...

It's been a busy few last weeks, with the whole updating my prices and getting commissions in the middle of that.
I did however, started to watch tutorials on youtube about clickteam fusion. gotta say, it's not looking too promising, the program seems poorly optimized for game development, a bit too convoluted on how it structures things; also saw a lot of premade stuff, so I guess it will all came down to how powerful its code language is, how well documented is, and how good are the tutorials I find, because one thing is for sure, I won't waste time trying to learn it by myself, if there's too few documentation about it, I'll skip it and move onto Game Maker.

Btw, did anyone saw this? Someone commissioned another pic of Mitsuko. (yeah yeah, I know, I just didn't know what else to put on the post)

Connection Lost...