sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

Stream Today Boyz

Just so you know
Same place (https://picarto.tv/UrielManX7), same hour 8:00pm-ish(UTC-6)

jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017


Here are the last couple of streams, I posted them originally on tumblr, but I figure I should here too.

Stream 2017-09-24
The first one

The stream between these 2 I won't upload, I made the mistake of recording it on the next quality setting and the file ended up at 4GB, no way I'm uploading that with my shitty internet.

And on another note, today I finished downloading Near: Automata, make of that what you will.

Connection Lost...

sábado, 16 de septiembre de 2017


Ok, so all programs downloaded, well, except for GM, the trial version seems quite limited, I'm not even sure if I could test what I want with it with the features it has, so time to go Ar Ar on its ass ;V

So, it looks like Saturday(16th) it is for the stream? Like from 6-7pm UTC-6, until my body holds, since next day is Sunday no issue getting late to bed.

I saw a bunch of ppl saying they wouldn't be able to help code wise, and that's fine, in fact, that's the least kind of help I would want, I want to do this for myself (think of my like the baby that is learning to walk and shoves away the parents hands when they try to help him). The kind of help I was thinking of is on the programs themselfs, like if I'm searching for an specific thing, someone on the chat might know where it is, and direct me to it, instead of me wandering half an hour on menus searching for it (although that can be good on its own accord too, but you know what I mean).

Anyway, I'll be monitoring the blog  to see if many ppl object about the Saturday stream, oh and remember I won't be coding anything yet, this one if sprite making so I have assets ready before hand (like in a cooking show).

jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2017

Update Report

I should have posted this before, but I've been distracted playing Conan Exiles, that game has so much potential, I'm gonna be very sad when it goes to shit, although it will not be the "greedy company"shitty way, but the "devs have no idea what they are doing" way (literally they don't, it's the first time they work on Unreal), so it might be they bit more than they could chew; but I digress.

Ok, so after looking up a few lists of the best game developing tools, here's the list of app that I would want to try out:

  • Game Maker: I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be the one, I know the extend of what you can make on it (AMR2, Nightmare Sphere, and Kyrie sempai's games), but we'll see; although one thing that is left to see is how easy would be to do the multiple outfits parts. It will have to have a way to dynamically show different part of the "sprites" on top of the base ones, I'm not married with that feature, so if worse comes to worst, the game won't have it, and instead it will...Mmm, I rather not say it, because if I do, ppl will start nagging me to put it in regardless :V.
  • Unity: I haven't played many games made with this, but I know it has potential, and you can work with 2D, so it's worth a try. It also uses C# which is like the evolution of C++, so at least some parts will be familiar, it uses OOP (Object Oriented Programming), one thing I wish my crappy college education would had provided me more of (it really was very lack luster, only 2 subjects on it in one lousy semester), so it's time little Urielman learns it. It's not completely free, but I doubt I would need the more advanced modules (I hope), plus the royalty fee is only if I make more than 100 stacks per year, which I won't, so no reason not to try it.
  • Unreal: Although I don't know how 2D friendly it is. I know you can do 2D games on it. The reviews on it are quite positive, plus I would only have to pay royalties if I make more than $3000 in a quarter, which, again, I won't, I guarantee it, so it's basically free all the way.
  • Godot: This one code language is C++, which is the only coding language I can say I know (I took the tiniest bit of Java and .Net on college, but those are already forgotten >.<), so I expect it to be the one that feels the less alien to me. Also it supposedly has better support for 2D than Unity, so that's a plus, and besides having a code language, it has drag&drop, so that will definitively help. And let's not forget it being completely free all the way.
  • Click Team Fusion: This is the least I would try, as I haven't ever played a good game made on it, so it doesn't give me a good feeling. Of course it's a possibility that it's just that all the games I've played made with it were made by shitty makers, so I guess at least I'll have to try it once.
I left out any game developing app that is purely "drag & drop", because even when they might be super easy to use, you can't do anything outside of the preset boundaries, so I would be basically doing the same that with Flash, which is forcing and pushing the limits trying to implement the things I want. Besides, those are catered for ppl that has no coding experience.

So, what I'm gonna do, is next Saturday, actually, scratch that, I'll be needing the 9 ppl that still care to check this blog out, to tell me Saturday or Sunday, and the time, I would like to have as many ppl on the stream in case someone could provide live support when I'm trying out each platform. But anyway, I'll stream on Picarto, but I won't be checking any apps yet, what I'll be doing, is making some basic assets that I'll need anyway, so that I don't have to waste time making them as needed when I'm trying each game maker app. 

These assets being basic animations, like standing, running, jumping, etc, for Chibitsuko, and also one enemy (the wolf, most likely), and a simple rape animation. 
The goal when trying out each game making app will be to code the basic player controls (moving jumping attacking), combat and the struggle and rape system. That sounds about what would be the most bare bones of a game it can be, so a simple room with one enemy that can be defeated and be raped by. 

So the app in which is the easiest to make that, will be the one I'll choose to migrate the game. And I'm aware that this might not be the most practical approach, like, maybe one of these platforms might be easy to start, but down along the line it might be harder to do certain things than in the others, but I think only time will tell, if you have a better idea I'm all ears.

Gotta admit, that when I was reading about the features of each platform, I got a little excited about it. I would love to finally have native control support for the game, instead of having to use JoyToKey or Xpadder to play with a joystick, among other things. Imagine if little UrielMan could have his crappy game on consoles, I mean, if lousy undertale made it to PS4, sure as hell mine can too :V (just joking, how many undertale fans did I triggered with that?). Now I have a new dream: To be the first person to have a full-on hentai game on the big platforms, no censor, no additional patch required, raw as it gets! (yeah, right).

But anyway, I'm starting to ramble, so I'll leave it there, you, my minions have a lot to think about, and I have to start stopping (the fuck does that even mean?) to play conan so I can focus on the task at hand and prepare for the streams and start downloading all these programs.

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