domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Just here, bumping a little

Well, i must say im a little dissapointed, too few updates on the RoR wolrd for the past month, and seeing how dead it is (well at least project X got updated a few days ago), i guess its up to me to do something, so im gonna start merging the X engine code into mitsuko, and see if it improves, i hope i can finally have a bugless version, also after some quite lurking for H-games, i stomped on some forums where they have noticed my game, and after reading the different feelings about it, i will focus a little less in bug killing and more in content adding,so if anyone has ideas for new levels, skills you would like to see and enemies, (no matter how small  it could seem) please share it with me, it really will help me out here.