martes, 9 de octubre de 2012


Hey everyone.

A quick report on how things have been going these last weeks, and, well, really nothing much to say, other than progress has been slow, I have been a little busy at my DA account so I haven't had much time to work on SE, but I will get to it don't worry. And speaking of such, maybe this will be the update that will take the most time, because I decided to finally take on the oldest bug the game has: the spawning, I haven't quite yet got to it mostly because I waiting for the bug to happen, which apparently is at complete random, I need it to happen so I can make some code that is able to detect when an enemy didn't spawn correctly and fix it, since I couldn't make it to work the way it should then this is the only thing I can do to fix it.

Well, that is pretty much for, sorry if I haven't answered your comments, but a couple of weeks ago firefox finally fed me up, I got tired of the damn thing slowing on me so I thrashed it, and switched to Opera, good thing: speed, bad thing: incompatibility, in the way that I cannot click on the answer button on the comments on the blog... can't I never win? *sighs* well farewell for now.