lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Updated version 042715

So, since Urielman keeps his promises, here´s this week's update on the beta, uploaded on MEGA and DEPOSITFILES, since 4shared is not loading now, any hot fix afterwards that I upload within the week will be posted only on MEGA to save time. As I said before, I'll be posting at often as once per week (Monday or Tuesday) and as infrequent as once a month, everything depending on how much do I change to the game, if the changes are too small/inconsequential, I won't upload anything until a more meaningful change is made.

Here's the change log: (I actually had a notepad open while working on the game, see? I can be smart sometimes)

-Made it so the wolf and slime on the intro level don't drop loot
-Fixed the brown control console bug that didn't let you interact with it in newGame+ (at least I think, couldn't reproduce it
 but I checked the code and saw what could might cause it and fixed it)
-Tweaked the skill get process to wait until the victory sound finishes to let you close the window ALA metroid
-Figured out that the embedded fonts weren't working, turns out that you after you add them to the library you have
 reselect them as the font type on the text boxes.
-Modified the shocked state sprite for the slime.
-Fixed a bug where the wolf wouldn't show its idle animation when first spawned.
-Modified the message you get when activating one of the consoles to be a hint of what it did.
-Centered the load panel when selecting newGame+ on the title screen.
-Updated the "cheater" screen providing info on the issue (assuming you're not actually cheating, otherwise SHAME ON YOU)
-Changed the golem color to gray on the credits
-Removed old status growth for enemies
-Implemented new status growth for enemies
-Unlocked def and will level up
-Added one more signal to the intro level
-Added a white screen cum effect like in most H rpg's when an enemy cums.
-Added the white scrren to Mitsuko's masturbation cum.
-Fixed the flickering gloves for the wolf rape.
-Made the moans for the masturbation random
-Found a bug: being grab by an enemy while masturbating ends in a game break
-Found a bug: when unlocking a gallery animation due to rape while horny will make the "press enter to reboot" msg to not appear
-Updated some message box texts
-Fixed the invisible golem bug
-Found a glitch: if raped while having a gun selected some hair section revert to normal color
-Added a couple "sucess" sounds to the load and save screens
-Added a darkness effect for the intro level, the enemies spawn above it so they aren't in the shadow.
-Updated the suits selection screen to be more clear.
-Update the UI on the level up screen
-In addition to increasing the max WILL, the level up also fills your meter full.
-Increased slime's low attack starup frames from 6 to 16
-Increased slime's high attack starup frames from 6 to 13
-Mitsuko's Spear first attack Increased starup frames from 4 to 7
-Mitsuko's Dagger first attack decreased starup frames from 4 to 3
-Centered the confirmation message for the load menu on the game over screen.
-Fixed wolf's dick position on turned down animation.
-Updated cumming voice for Mitsuko
-Adjusted timing on the transition on starting a new game.
-Updated the message for getting an animation item to be more clear.
-Added how to unlock the gallery in the hints for the loading screens.
-Fixed a bug when you have the main suit and undies equipped and got a repair cloth item the main suit became unequipped
-Fixed a bug where the game froze if you hit the cancel key when prompted to save after the end credits.


-Golem battle music doesn't play for some reason
-The control panels might show the wrong message and/or activate as soon as you press UP
-When you unlock a sex animation by being raped and don't ever press accept to close the message, it will stay after the rape end
 and in some cases freeze the game as it may render useless the escape bar making it impossible to break free or make the
 "press enter to reboot" message to not appear. (happened with the horse once)
-Still can't make the current/total item count appear on the credits final message
-Golem losing it's will to fight sometimes (aka doesn't move or do anything)
-Hair and color changes are still freaky on the rape animations
-Everything else broken that I don't recall ATM
-The hints at the loading screens are locked on the melee quick change.

So, with that, I guess I'll see you next week or something...

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

New version

Ok, fixed the intro story so here's an update with more fixes:

-Lowered the slime on the intro stage so it's easier to reach.
-Modified the wall near the last green door on the intro stage so you can't climb and glitch out of      boundaries.
-Added some signals to the intro stage.
-Added some signals on the sub menu so the same bug doesn't get submitted over and over.
-Made the warning sign and my logo skip-able.
-Fixed a bug when the wolf rapes Mitsuko on horny down the animation goes to horny up instead.
-Added proper stance for the satisfied wolf after rape on horny. Remains non hostile until attacked.
 If you go too far away from him it will be de-spawned. The next spawn hostile as normal.
-Made it so that if for some reason you get to the credits screen other than the normal way, the credits  won't load.
-Added the BGM folder I forgot from last time.
-Updated skill and item sound pick ups.
-Arranged some skills placement.
-Changed the "poop monster" color to gray.
-Added some sound effects to the Golem

Things pending/to comment:

-Reproduce that Mitsuko dissapearing after raped by wolf, game-braking bug so I can debug it.
-The wolf on the intro stage doesn't go satisfied until the second time. Other wolves seem to be fine.
-GO CG's aren't even in the game, I haven't finished them. It's not a bug
-And of course since I tampered with the golem, something broke, and now he goes invisible when walking, are you up for the challenge? (not really, he's still a push over)

Link is in the right as always, only the MEGA one in updated, since I will be updating constantly, it's a pain to upload to 3 different sites every time.

So, once the wave of bugs have kinda died down, I'll start on the next batch that will cover the stats bug, improving the combat system and tweaking some core mechanics of the game, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.


martes, 21 de abril de 2015

Hot fix 1 (the first of many I bet)

Uploaded a new version in exe format to avoid the browser bugs, it fixes a couple bugs pointed yesterday, I have some more bugs fixed, but I don't know what I did that the intro story doesn't show anymore, so until I fix that one this one should suffice for now. It makes the slime on the intro level die in 3 hits, you can still glitch out if you climb the green door though so be careful.

Get it here:!5V0TgIyB!bJXlsrUuSCof8KYBB7fYU9JS0iVvtA-EfU4ZW0J_D0Y

lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Report#Priorities fail

So, yesterday I was all ready and prepared to spent the day to try to fix as much as possible before updating...But it just so happened that yesterday I noted that  Rimuririmu Paradise Iseki was released, and spent literally all day playing that until I beat it, so fuck my life X_X

So screw it, I'll just update as it is and let the world burn, as I said previously, couple of things you'll find unfinished/unpolished, but nothing game-breaking (I hope).
After this, I'll update more frequently, as soon as I have made a considerable change that is, no point on updating just for a color change in a single asset for example, I will still continue to use the progress bars, but I'm not waiting until I'm done with all to update the beta.
Part of this is so I can actually tell you what has changed, because as of now, even I do not know what are all the differences between this new beta and the last you all saw, one thing I would like to mention though, the end credits still lack a couple of names on it, don't worry, I'll give credit where credit is due.

Links are update on the right.


martes, 14 de abril de 2015


Well, already mid April and I still can't finish the work...Making progress and all that but, no matter how much I work on it, still not enough. I might end up updating the beta has it is just for the sake of releasing something, I mean, the intro is done, except for the fact it has a place holder instead of the final CG, but I encountered some unfinished things on the credits, and on top of that I thought of adding a thing or two while I was looking at it.

So, this brings me to the question (which I'm 99.99% sure I know what the answer will be). Do you want me to update the beta with what I have, knowing it has somethings unfinished aka rough on the edges, or you'll wait? Oh, and I'll say it again just in case, THE UPDATE I'M TALKING ABOUT IS NOT THE COMPLETE GAME, NOR IT HAS NEW ENEMIES/AREAS, just the "intro stage", the intro story and the new ending credits.


martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Report #A stone in the road

So, when I was testing the intro to see how well it integrated into the main game, I never thought of actually start the new game, I always close the game when the intro was pretty much done, so I never noticed that it keeps looping, meaning I screwed up something while was making it. Problem is, finding what was it, I might just redo the code, I clearly remember that when I did the set up (that the main game would load external swf's) it was done first try, so I don't think it will take much time to fix this. Other than that, still gotta finish the cg and is pretty much done, so yeah, next beta not too far away.


jueves, 2 de abril de 2015

Report#Well, at least I tried

Hi ya'll
Ok, so I didn't post anything because I was literally using all of March to try to finish what I was working on, and I didn't post anything yesterday because Aprils fool, the temptation of doing a really mean troll was to big, like, I was planning of doing a very credible updated beta, like with all the files in place and the file size, only ending in a Rickrolled when you clicked on the swf, so, yeah, by how things were with the almost 2 year with no updates, ppl would had flipped their shit, so no :P

Ok, so, with that out of the way, the intro is technically finished, as in, the animations are done, I must admit I underestimated the complexity of the task, as I still have to finish the CG I planned for it, right now it has a placeholder which is basically the CG but in sketch form, soooooo, I need to finish it, and do some testing after that to make sure the whole thing is playable, like, to the public, because it's been so long, that I have modified it from the last version you saw, that somethings are usual to me, like having game's info on screen, or some other things unfinished on plain sight, and I need to make sure it's presentable, it shouldn't take too long, I don't want to give an exact date, because we all know how that will turn out, but I'd say sometime next week, if not before, so, yeah, that's all for today, and I guess I'll see you next update.