jueves, 13 de agosto de 2015

viernes, 7 de agosto de 2015

Micro Update

New ver up.
Fixed the dialogue speed bug.
Dialogue is different color depending on arousal.
This feature is still bare bones, dialogue sucks.
Will evolve eventually on having a separate set of dialogues for each enemy and masturbation.

Now working on making the game load all the lines externally from an xml file.

Yes, that's all I have done since last time.
You can start yelling now.

EDIT:Forgot to mention that don't know if adding dialogue to the sex scenes is even a good idea to begin with. You tell me.

EDIT1: Someone who just tried the game for the first time reported a bug where you can't select newGame+, and after fixing that I noted the stats get broken after you save and load a file. So, since that's a variable related bug, you'll have to delete your saves again after I m done with that.

Though, have some apologetic images so you can fap to something in the meantime.