miércoles, 9 de abril de 2014


Ok, I have read your comments and I'm here to appease your worries.

As always, the game is not dead, relax, just (incredibly slow)-> name that reference and you win a cookie! ;)

I just recently finished adjusting the menus to the new size of window, so far the new arrangement looks decent.
As for the animations, I still have to do the standing for the daggers, and that will be technically done, and I say technically, because I would still have to fix some details here and there, for good looks only.
But since animating gets me soooo lazy, I think I'll start with the intro stage first, I'm just having trouble imaging it due to the fact that it will be linked to the intro in a way to make sense, but the intro has it is now will be changed (finally came up with a cool enough story), so most likely I'll have to do first the story (at least the beginning, something to justify all this mess), then the intro, and last the intro stage.