domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

Wolf Redesign

Pen made me the favor to do the redesign of the wolf enemy (which was in the plans but I haven't yet go to it :P). So anyway, wanted to show it.


lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

A Quickie

Hello everyone.

Just dropped by to do a quick update.
Looks like I finally nailed the spawning bug, turns out that the enemies WERE respawning, but for some odd reason I cannot fathom (must be Flash related) the enemy spawned on a different coordinate, even when the respawing axis were fixed, anyhow it seems that the error happens after you run for quite a bit back and forth on the stage (which I assume most of you did, I never did it myself  'cause I knew where all was), so I just made it so the enemies are removed if you get too far away, and the plus in that is that it will help on the frame rate, because enemies that you don't see won't be there all the time, just when they are needed, so in the end this looks like a happy ending, only time will tell...


domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Content Update

Hey guys, me here with another update.
So a couple of days ago Pen told me she is able to help me again in the game, so I figured it would be nice to  add some extra content on the next demo to make up for the long wait, which will be as follows:

  • Beatable Hard mode that will unlock Easy mode
  • Beatable Easy mode which will unlock gallery mode
  • A more balanced dmg system (I hope)
And the new content:
  • 1 new suit
  • 1 new underwear
  • Upgraded voice for Mitsuko

That's all for now folks.


sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

More waiting

Hey guys, just dropped by to share some light to all those fellows that don't quite handle the waiting. I know progress has been slow, but as I stated on a previous post, it was because of some draws and commissions I was doing, but now that October it's over I can work on the game again...well, THAT would be the case if not for the fact that just a couple of days ago I downloaded Dark Souls for PC, and to say I'm hooked to the game would be an understatement, so progress may even be put on hold because I'm finding really hard to stop playing that thing, but anyway, I'll keep you updated whenever I made some progress 'kay? (Now pray that I don't get my hands on Demon Souls...)


martes, 9 de octubre de 2012


Hey everyone.

A quick report on how things have been going these last weeks, and, well, really nothing much to say, other than progress has been slow, I have been a little busy at my DA account so I haven't had much time to work on SE, but I will get to it don't worry. And speaking of such, maybe this will be the update that will take the most time, because I decided to finally take on the oldest bug the game has: the spawning, I haven't quite yet got to it mostly because I waiting for the bug to happen, which apparently is at complete random, I need it to happen so I can make some code that is able to detect when an enemy didn't spawn correctly and fix it, since I couldn't make it to work the way it should then this is the only thing I can do to fix it.

Well, that is pretty much for, sorry if I haven't answered your comments, but a couple of weeks ago firefox finally fed me up, I got tired of the damn thing slowing on me so I thrashed it, and switched to Opera, good thing: speed, bad thing: incompatibility, in the way that I cannot click on the answer button on the comments on the blog... can't I never win? *sighs* well farewell for now.


domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

More Bug Busting

Well, the "can't while knocked and be hit by enemy" bug is fixed, I also fixed that other one that made the camera fly out if you get hit while climbing a ledge.

Very few things left now, so I'll put again the status bars, when they are filled you got a new update.


viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Just Passing By...

Just to let you know that I updated the download link, the patch is already there so new people don't get confused and play the bug-infested one.

And on current progress, I'm working on fixing the last breaking bugs, and also coding the changes for playing on hard mode, which will be pretty much the usual, stronger enemies (more hp,def,att) and the recovery items will be less effective, speaking of which, I noted a little error on new game+ which is that after you unlock hard you can begin a new game with most of your stuff, but also you could choose which difficulty you will play on the new game+ which is not quite as it should be, because what's the point on playing on hard if you have already a bunch of stats and level and skills? kinda takes the challenge :P, so that will be out, if you wan t that you gotta clear on normal, make a new game in hard, clear it and THEN you can make a new game+ on hard.
And last but no least, I gotta fix the whole attack+dex formulas so they work ui a coherent way ^_^' right now they don't really make much sense do they? Oh and speaking of that I still have to nail a detail or too but the way the upgrades chips will be handled will be heavily by option 2 they will be finite and hidden through all the game why? because I have still to make another 3 stages, and currently I only have 15 items to collect, plus the remaining suits they would be 21, so... what can I use to fill the stages? the upgrades chips, I know what most people would like to see is a regular rpg exp system, but that won't fit, believe me, the game wouldn't allow the gameplay necessary to fight the necessary enemies to fill the exp to a decent level (24-25 it's the average level you should end with in most rpg's), so hidden chips it is.

You'll heard form me again when I fix the remaining bugs.

martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

Bug Busting

Well, so far the bugs, I'll keep updating this:

EDIT: Fixed the buttons not responding, turns out it was a compatibilty problem between the code that searchs for corrupted files and the old code I put when I added the save feature, I uploaded a patch here: EDIT 2:, updated version , I'll put the link below the main download too.
  • If the game deletes your saves, it's probable that the buttons stop responding, if this happens, just close the game and reopen, that seems to fix it...weird :/ EDIT: FIXED
  • If you're hanging out a ledge and get hit while climbing the camera goes out of focus. 
  • If you are hit while getting up you remain frozen :/

New Demo and a hard decision

Well, new demo out, with all game breaking bugs busted, or at least that's what my testing showed, the only one that maybe is still around is the one the freezes you if you get hit while getting up, it didn't happen to me, but one never knows. On another news, I finally squashed the inst-spawn bug, it was VERY well hidden let me tell you, I think I could have found the holy grail before getting that one, anyway, besides that some changes were made:

EDIT: I forgot to say that if you get the message for the deleted files, you MUST MAKE A NEW GAME AND SAVE, otherwise the message will continue to pop up.

  • Nerferd a little the drop rate for chips, should be easier to get them now
  • The "super horse" is now kill able, if you use the points the Golem gives you wisely you have no trouble taking him now, which in turn is now a must, because the door guarding the last card key only opens when you defeat him.
  • As said before, the flying to oblivion bug is gone.
  • Upgraded a little the staff roll (not that anyone had seen it as how broken the last demo was :P) BTW you can only watch the credits by meeting a certain condition, having all 15 items.
  • Added a little safety device to prevent further corrupt files, so if you see a window telling you that the files were deleted don't panic.
  • I also added device to prevent cheaters from seeing things they shouldn't, well, at least while in game, if you decompile it I can do nothing to stop you, though I don't think you can decompile a flash .exe? *shrugs*
  • Also, there shouldn't be any spawning problems with the enemies (a plus to have getting rid of the insta spawn bug)
Now, about the though decision, I have been reading your comments regarding the upgrade system, and all do make good points, and I feel that a classic RPG system won't fit into the game's nature, BUT also I can't quite do it like finite upgrades because I don't know exactly how long the game will be yet, I know what I have planned but that's different than actually doing all the stages missing and such, the way it is now also presents some problems, like if the drop rate is too good, you will be actually missing other items such as the guns ammo...
In the end, it all comes down to finding the correct balance, I guess it might being a fusion of 2 or 3 styles, it's gonna be a though decision.

Aside from that, I also noted that the whole random damage is a little off , so I'll be working on that next, along with the next area that will be the forest.

Anyhow that's all for now, link is at the right as always.


sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Poll Time

Ok so I put up a poll to help me decide which way is better to implement the upgrades system in the game, here's a description in detail of each choice:
  1. Droppings. The way it's made now, I just need to nerf the probability % of the droppings.
  2. Finite upgrades. Meaning that the upgrades will cost just 1 chip, but the chips will be hidden throughout the game, but they ill also be finite, so you can only get to a certain level, kinda like in Fire Emblem, when the chars stats have a top, well there's always a top, but in this case it will be quite low because I can only put so many chips in the game.
  3. Regular Rpg style exp system. I think this doesn't need explanation, you level up, you get points to buy upgrades. 
  4. Shop-like upgrade system. The enemies will drop chips more often, but the upgrades will raise their cost more due to the easiness of obtaining chips, in other words farming overdrive.

Well, those are the options, see what you like and choose, and don't come back later complaining about it! :P


Status Report

Well, I don't know what I did, but my game broke too, and the stats broke every time I load a file :/
The bad news, is that the damn thing was working before, and as I have no clue as to what I did to it to broke I don't know how much time it'll take me to fix it.

So, to sort things out, here's a list of the bugs that I have seen reported found so far (Note that not all of these I was able to confirm):

  • If you fill the escape bar before you hit the ground when starting a new game you froze. This one is FIXED
  • If you die with clothes on you fly for eternity. This one's FIXED too. 
  • After loading, you can't damage/get damaged. Working on this, also it's been confirmed
  • Someone mentioned that he was grabbed when he still had clothes. This is UNCONFIRMED as the code itself prevents grabbing unless you're naked, I'm guessing the game was so broken that it made that happen, maybe caused by a not updated flash player, or pc's specific specs I dunno :/
  • The insta-respawn. CONFIRMED and well, I have been trying to get rid of it for years so I can't guarantee it will be busted, sorry 'bout that -_-'
  • Enemies don't spawn sometimes. CONFIRMED and as the above I've been trying to fix it too but to no avail, I'm having incredibly trouble with flash attachMovieClip function, and I can't get it to work as I want all the time, sometimes it does, and when you think it's done, BAYUMM! the enemies don't respawn, I have looked lots of tutorials but I'm doing what's right (well, at least code-wise) so I don't know if I could fix this. In the worst case scenario I'll have to get rid of it and make the enemies to respawn only when you go out of the whole area and re enter. Like in metriodvania's rooms.
  • I saw also someone that posted that sometimes he couldn't watch the life and arousal bars when raped. This is UNCONFIRMED and mostly unfixable because I'm 90% sure that this dude was playing in fullscreen or that he resized the window, the game doesn't support widow resizing due to the Vcam, if someone knows a way to fix this be my guest and let me know :P
  • Someone mentioned that the window that reads "Press Enter to Reboot" appeared on the corner instead of the center. UNCONFIRMED but in the very least I can just get rid of it, you will have to press a button for the game to reset, just without a message telling you to do so :P
  • If you get grabbed by two wolfs (I'm guessing it happens with all enemies) you split in two and take double damage. UNCONFIRMED I tried but it's quite difficult to reproduce, but I think I can fix it, but the person that posted it says otherwise :P
  • Someone said that when trying to escape the horse grab he was teleported to an area with blue tiles, well, this isn't a bug, really, what happened here is that the dude accidentally pressed Crtl+Enter which is the shortcut for play, remember that this is, after all a Flash movie, as far as I know, there's no way to block these commands, so you'll have to play legally.
Well those are all the bug for now, in the meantime I'll post a poll for the best way to get upgrades in the game, I'll put in another post so everyone's (or at least as much as can) see it, cause I doubt anyone will be reading this far :P.


jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012


Well, it's true that has been quite a while since I started all this beta testing, and after seeing Pen's post over at the ProjectX forum, I thought that things are at the brim of getting out of hand with all the conspiracy theories and such that's been hovering these last days, so Humbirdo will have to forgive me, but I have no choice but to upload the damn thing XD, he's at the P forums, so I'm sure he's aware of the situation.

Now onto the demo.
Well, since the last ver was posted almost a year ago, you can expect one hell of a change, in fact, since the last version was posted so long ago, even I'm not sure on just how many things have changed, so I'll let you figure it out, also I gather there are some dudes that are new to this, so I'll keep the update list for future updates. Yes the demo will be updated, but as I said before, the end will be defeating the Golem boss, no access to the next areas.

Well, I can't think of anything else to add so I'll take my leave until next time, as always feedback is welcome and I'll wait for any bugs you find. The download link it's on the right, and posted on mediafire because 4shared got angry at me and didn't let me update to it :P.

It's highly recommended that you check all things again (intro, tutorial, etc) even if you are familiar with the game, also if you have previous files and try to load them, you'll end up with a broken file, so making a new game would be a good idea, but you probably won't listen to me anyway :P


viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Huh?! What gives? We want a demo!

By the time someone read this, probably everyone would have noted the progress bars are full, but hold your horses! Don't go downloading the game yet, i haven't posted it, the reason, simple, it's beta testing time! :P So, yeah, you'll have to wait a little more, but trust me it'll be worth it, I don't wanna spoil anything, but the game has involved so much that comparing it to the old it's like a completely new game, well not THAT much, but I added quite a few new mechanics and such, but yeah you just wait and see, and hey, as they say, the best aphrodisiac is the waiting no? :P


miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

The wait continues

Hello everyone.
Just dropping by to give you all a status report:
So far things are going as planned, as you can see on the progress bars, the horse enemy was done in a flash, Pen was really a great help.
Now, I just need to close some loose ends here and there, one of those being to properly finish the intro, it is kind of weird to just watching Mitsuko's ship going into an foreign planet and all of a sudden start on a complex like building, but don't worry, I know exactly what I wanna do for that, so the only thing here is doing it. Speaking of which, the intro I have planned gave me some inspiration for the general structure of the "environment", I don't know if you noticed, but I kinda suck at making stages, so I finally feel like I'm going to the right direction.
Also, now I can confirm you that the suit selection screen will remain (you can thank Pen for that), but all the suits will give you no special powers or anything, as Pen said it "just think about them as the extra suits form RE", so now you know what some of the unlockables will be.

Also, I wanted to tell that yesterday I started playing RE for the GC (I know, I know, how the hell did I passed that game?), so the developing may be slow down a bit, that and some drawings I have to do for a couple of contests over at DA.

Well, that is all for now, stay tuned for I believe that waiting will be worth.






今、私は、あちこちで適切にイントロを終了しているそれらの1つを、いくつかの緩い端を閉じるには、単に必要がある、それは親切であるだけで美津子の船が外国の惑星と建物のような複雑な上に突然スタートのすべてに入って見に奇妙なしかし、私はここでだけはそれをやっている、そのために私がたいが行うかを正確に知る、心配しないでください。これといえば、私が計画しているイントロは私にあなたが気づいた場合は、 "環境"の一般的な構造のため、私は知らないいくつかのインスピレーションを与えたが、私はステージを作るのが吸うちょっと、私はするつもりのように私は最終的に感じる右方向。

ペンは、余分なスーツは形としては "ちょうどそれらを考えると述べたとしても、今、私はスーツの選択画面(あなたがそのためにペンを感謝することができます)となりますことを確認することができますが、すべてのスーツはあなたに特別な力か何かを与えません"REので、今ではロックオンのいくつかは、どうなるか知っています。

viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

Next Demo

Just one more animation for the slime, and a little cutscene after the intro and technically I'll be able to post a demo, I say technically, because Pen finished the horse animations, and since all the enemies have the same base code, it will pretty fast to add the horse, so my question is, do you guys want a demo right away or do you prefer to wait to see the horse too?

In other news, I got rid of the suits selection screen, now when you got stripped, you only have to grab one of the cloth restoring items, you grab it once, and it'll restore your undies full health, grab it again and you get back all your clothes and they are automatically equipped.
Instead of said screen, I'll replace it with a status customize one, in there you'll able to buy upgrades for each of 4 stats:
  • Attack.- Obviously, this will boost the damage you inflict on enemies
  • Defense.- Will affect your cloth resistance and rape resistance (take less damage from rapes)
  • Will.- Here you can raise your max will power.
  • Lust.- By developing this, it'll be more hard for you to get aroused.
The only thing that is left to decided is the rate at which the cost will rise every time you upgrade an specific status, and if I should make the "currency" for the upgrades finite, or infinite (enemy drops), tell me on the comments what you think and if you have a suggestion on another status to upgrade, let's hear it.

That's all for now


viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012


Now, don't get your hopes too high, I'm not posting because I'm working on Mistuko X again....well, in fact, yes it is. I've realized that I could never sleep peacefully knowing this was left incomplete, so I thought it's time for me to finish this off, in order to move forward.
And in order to do that, I'll have to cut some of the things I have planned for this, maybe I'll use them for the next game (it all depends on how well this one does), so let's get down to it:

The final game will have 4 bosses (The Golem, other 2, and Dark Mitsuko, who won't be a boss in the regular sense, but like my version of the Samus-X from Metroid Fusion)
Therefore, there's only going to be 3 stages, plus the final.
There won't be any cheats code, but unlockable content (I'll try to put as much as I can: gallery, extreme mode, invincible mode, boss rush, etc)
The Skills will be reduced drastically (I first planned like 16, but that was overdoing it A LOT, so now it will have 5, 6 tops)
Also, I planned some status growing, maybe I'll keep this, I'm still not sure, since it's not so hard to implement, and gives the player that "customized" feel that's always welcomed.
There won't be anymore suits, there's just the underwear and the main suit, maybe, and I MAYBE, I'll add a special one, just for unlockable's sake.
The demos will be very scarce, due to the fact that I'll be putting the final release on DLSite. The reason for this is because I can't think of a better way to really know how much (or less) people like my work, and to know if I have any hopes on this as a business, or if I should keep it as a hobby.

And now for the updates:

The Slime is missing only 2 animations and it's ready
I already have another 2 enemies to work next  (Horse, and a wasp)
Before I forget, these new enemies were done by Nopenamegirl and all credit goes for her (thx girl ;) )

And now some images to spice things a little:

Well, that's all for now.