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What is SpacEscape?
SpacEscape is a 2d, hentai-themed RoR metroidvania platformer developed in Adobe Flash using Action Script 2.0
So, obviously, you'll need to download the Adobe flash player from Adobe's site (which is free).
Also, it features an anthro main char (more human than animal), bestiality, tentacle, monsters and more.

RoR? What is RoR?
It means “Run or Rape”. It’s a rather common genre of hentai game nowadays;
it's particular for the idea that the sex content occurs within the gameplay, usually in 
the form of animations, as opposed to being shown exclusively within CGs or cutscenes. 

So, to put it shortly, you just stumbled upon the development blog of my little game.
Updates will come as often as once per week and as slow as once per month. The 
game is FREE for now, will be put on sale once finished. Current builds of the 
game are essentially an open Beta of what the demo for the final version will look like.

This is, and will always be the main source of updates on the game progress, as well as
where all the official betas will be posted. Though I do pass by the ULMF forum or LoK, so if you don't feel 
or can't post on blogger, you can go there, I'll get to your comment sooner or later.
Aside from that, no other places to go, I don't have a Patreon, and won't have one(at least not a regular one for donations and then I give you content type);  also 
donations would be very appreciated...If not for the fact that I DON'T ACCEPT DONATIONS 
(at least for now, if I'm ever in danger to go hobo you bet your ass I'll be making one and working full time on the game(s))I appreciate the feeling, but you don't need to.

So, where to download?
The link for the latest version will be always on the right bar mah boy, just follow the yellow road

Or look at the top navigation bar

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martes, 26 de mayo de 2020

Some doodles for the chibi game.

The other day I decided to start the process of finalizing the design of the chibi wolfie for the chibi game, so I have at least 1 enemy to start making animations and code. But then I started doodling and...

domingo, 24 de mayo de 2020

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2020

Love Slave

New image that will eventually completed up to color and be available on full res to patrons and normal res to the rest.

On other news. I downloaded Adobe Animate 2020, supposedly the brush tool was improved, we'll see, gotta do some tests. Also let's hope it lest me work better to finish the jelly fish and wasp animations, and at the very least, just share them as gifs, or as separate flash movies, so I can finally put the flash version behind me.

lunes, 11 de mayo de 2020

Join the Discord?

I'll just leave this here. Just comment 1 if you don't know who the bunny is. 
I'm curious how many ppl check the blog but haven't joined the discord... Because...You know... I'm the most active there; if you really want to keep up to date on what in the name of the holy tuna pizza what I'm doing, that's the place.

martes, 7 de abril de 2020

Ready for next season.

Ok dudes. The "Urielman does things in the Final Fantasy Randomizer scene" arc is over; I'm ready for a new season and get a move on to back to business. And, I also bring to you, the spoils of war. I learned that you could hack in your own custom sprites, so I got the inspiration juicies going and I made a "few" of them shits. The only thing good that came out of this, it that I got a lot of practice making pixel art. Who knew the resolution from the good'ld nes was the perfect entry point for me. I've always been scared of trying pixel art, because I couldn't figure out where to put the pixels, or how to give the illusion of detail with shading and stuff. But since here I was so limited, finding that "right" spot for each pixel was easy, and let me get a better understand of how this works out. Sorry if the pixels don't look crisp. I did export the file as PNG, but for some reason it wants to smooth the edges.

lunes, 2 de marzo de 2020

Last Week Stream - Public Version


Password is mitsuko

lunes, 24 de febrero de 2020

Last Week's Stream - Public version

Started setting up the jellydick's frames for the gallery.

Get it HERE
Password is mitsuko

viernes, 14 de febrero de 2020

There, don't say I never do anything for the holidays.

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