Im planning on adding an in-game tutorial, so in the meantime the tutorial will be here. Ill be explaining game controls, game objective, items, menus, enemies and such.


The default controls are as follow (though they are explained in the title screen):

Some things you should know:
  • Up Opens doors and interact with objects.
  • The jump behaves just like all megaman games, the longer you press it, the longer your jump.
  • You can duck pressing down.
  • When you have a meele weapon equipped, you can do a 3 hit combo.

As you can tell by looking at the title screen, you just have to escape and try to not get raped too much xD, but since i still have no clear and solid story, this is most likely to change.


A must know, here they are:

Energy.Restores the WILL bar by a fixed amount. Comes in two sizes.

 Weapon Ammo. Restores you bullet-based weapon bar by a fixed amount.

ExtraClothes. Grab this to regain your lost clothes.

 Upgrade Chip. Use this to improve your status. These are dropped by enemies.

Cooler. Reduces your arousal meter by a fixed amount.

Hot Up. Raises your arousal level.

Key Card. Neede to open locked doors. Each color opens a different door.

Skill Icon. Collect them to gain new skills. They are automatically equipped.

There are a lot of more items to be found, so collect them all!.


 Item Capsule. These often contain good items, whenever you see one Break it! Note: Some capsules can only be broken by certain weapons.

 Special Door. Although Blue, Red and Yellow doors can be opened by having the right Card Key, these doors can only be opened by certain conditions.

 Control Panel: These activates certain devices or doors within the complex. These also may need something in order to work.


coming soon...