miércoles, 29 de enero de 2020


This is an idea I've had for a while. And I've mentioned in the past in the discord server.
The idea is to have a tier that gives ppl access to all the little doodles, and scrapped content for the game I have, basically anything that I did for the game, that won't be in the game, and I haven't upload anywhere.

Turns out in terms of draws, is really not that much (I told you I don't draw Mitsuko much, outside from "work"), also I threw in there all past builds of the game I have, since they technically fit the criteria. So I dig them all up and put them together, is not everything everything, since I still have a couple things that will make it into the game (the flash version).

Now the problem is how much to ask for that? My idea is to have it so you pledge for it once, grab the file, and then cancel or go back to your previous tier, but this is different from the HD tier, because the HD tier is getting things added to it over time, while this Secret tier is not, so the pledge can't be something small like $3 or $5.

Now, you probably thinking "Well, it would help if you told us how much content are we talking". and you're right, and I'm gonna tell you.
So, we are talking over 150 images, ranging from doodles, practices, concepts, and images no longer available anywhere, like all those I uploaded to my now dead tumblr, of course all Mitsuko related. And almost 2 GB worth of past builds, going as far back as 2009, the year I started all this. Oh, and also I threw in some pre SpacEscape drawings of Mitsuko.
I thought of adding to the source files form the game builds, with the exe files alone are already 1.2GB, if I add the source I shudder to think how much will add, besides, for 99% of ppl they won't care about being able to poke around the projects, specially when you need to have some old ass version of flash installed to properly open some of the earlier versions.

So, in short, 150 "never seen" images and all past game builds. I'll give you a link to a strawpoll so you can vote how much you think you would pay for this tier. I found out that doing the poll way is the most effective in terms of engagement.
Remember that this tier is meant to be taken just once since the content you get out of it is never gonna change.


martes, 28 de enero de 2020


CGs done. I'll stream on Sunday to begin adding them to the game.

sábado, 25 de enero de 2020

GoR CG Progress Update

Wolf and Golem CGs complete.

Slime Cg's done, only the horse's are left. 9/12

jueves, 23 de enero de 2020

Progress Update

Wolf CG #3 and Golem CG#1 done. 5/12 completed.

lunes, 20 de enero de 2020

Yesterday's Stream

I streamed last Sunday for about 2hrs, completed the wolf's GoR CG #1 & 2 to shading, so those are done and done, add the Golem #2 that has been done since a long time and I have 3/12 CG done.
I won't post pictures of all these, tho, I don't want you to spoil yourselves, at least have something to look forward for the (hopefully of the last) update on the flash version of the game.

miércoles, 15 de enero de 2020

12Hr Stream content.

This is the work I did on that 12(10)Hr stream I did a while back. Someone asked if the stream will be available on patreon later, but since it was 10hrs I didn't recorded anything, so I felt bad and ended just sharing the preview of the CGs as early content for patreon.
So this is the public release, if you want to spoil yourself and see the pics before they're in the game :V (Yeah, they still need shading)