domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Just here, bumping a little

Well, i must say im a little dissapointed, too few updates on the RoR wolrd for the past month, and seeing how dead it is (well at least project X got updated a few days ago), i guess its up to me to do something, so im gonna start merging the X engine code into mitsuko, and see if it improves, i hope i can finally have a bugless version, also after some quite lurking for H-games, i stomped on some forums where they have noticed my game, and after reading the different feelings about it, i will focus a little less in bug killing and more in content adding,so if anyone has ideas for new levels, skills you would like to see and enemies, (no matter how small  it could seem) please share it with me, it really will help me out here.


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  1. amm a dew days ago ??? the 2.8 of project x has over 2 months already -_- actually i think that ppl is some quite pissed since they are taking an insane amount of time working on gameplay when since the first time in game ppl said game play was good so they stopped working on maps and once they worked on gameplay for 4 months they just came with a simply 3 things and take out 1 character on my opinion eventhough is not dead if their project keep taking so much ammount of time no one will care even if come out later ( same thing that happened to toonchamp games ) if not want to understand what i said i dont mind XD still is mostly my opinion and also some ppl more haha

    and about you asking ideas i think you already have an insane quantity of them if i am sure since you have seen a lot of projects that have been worked on and some that have died as well

    just to say it a lof ot projects that died ppl really wanted them but since maker got a life ( girlfriend or just didnt have enough balls ) to keep working on it XD

    well what i say if that i dont think that you will get flammed if you use mostly ideas that ppl make since well how to say it think a little do you think that the enemies or theme based stuff ppl make nowdays are new?? mostly are just remakes but with little different sprites and names

    but if still want suggestions for enemes and levels i have plenty - i also have stories but mostly those are just for ppl making rpgs xD well sorry if i bothered

  2. First i think you have few enemys in the first lvl, only two and a Boss? It´s really boring to kill two enemy and then we only run for the Keys, I think more Enemys in the first level will help, you can spawn more Dogs and the Tentacle thing in the First level or add an third Enemy like Slime ( I have seen this in an Version of the game, but have no idea if this your Sprite or from anyone who edit your game)

    That´s what i think about the First lvl and for enemys i think you need no help, you can make Lesbian/Futa/Demon/Zombie/Gangbang/Flowers etc. I think you have more then enough Choice of Enemys and for level i have no idea but lvl like the first one are really great :)

  3. Well bug killing is good too. The smoother it plays then the more people will like it. Not too many game breaking bugs as is though in Mitsuko. I was really looking forward to the next level.
    New enemies could be/have:
    plantoid/tentacle, vore/clothing dissolve but not full digestion, Zombie rape, inflation/large cum discharge, face fuckers like alien movies, impregnation with timer to give birth to a new type that impregnated and can impregnate again, sleep/knockout spores, wall/ceiling grabbers.

    Enemies could leave behind a little mess on Mitsuko and maybe the floor after they are done. Some oozing possibly from Mitsuko wherever she got filled afterwards. Just a few suggestions. Thanks for an update :).

  4. You definitely need to add more enemies, or perhaps just some color changes and different attacks to the same ones. Can break them up by position and make that easy.

    For Example the wolf according to excitement levels:
    Forced Oral -> Willing Blowjob -> Facefucking

    Grinding against her -> Reluctant Stroking -> Jerking and rubbing knot until it orgasms on her

    Rubbing against her on her back after she falls -> Thrusting inside of her while she fights -> Squeezes the wolf with her legs and pushes herself onto his knot until he orgasms

    Hotdogging her face down -> Pushing into her ass -> Pushing back against the dog until it cums

    There's lots of stuff you could do with just the models you have that would expand on it.

    I am 100% in support of the Futa ideas, maybe infected scientists male and female are still in the research center and of course Succubi (especially with cock) are *always* a hot addition.

    I was also thinking that if you are going to think about themed levels perhaps making the first one mostly 'beasts'. Addition of werewolves and other werecreatures would be cool and I know those models are out there to be played with. *winks, knowing you're on the Krystal forums too xD*

    Other animals that might have been experimented on like big cats, bears, whatever, are also possibilities.

    BTW, did I mention cutaway internals? I think I did, but I want to repeat it anyway. :P Its hot.

    I don't get excited personally by the birthing idea *points up to Marcel* but there is a certain hotness to the creature that comes from her being able to molest her as well. Hmm... think about it. She gets raped by wolf until it cums inside of her -> She gives birth to pup/pups -> She services pups. I see good possibilities with that one.

    Oh yeah, and though I would put it last on the list, the ability to have multiple creatures assaulting her at a time would be nice.

  5. *points up to Marcel* This idea not from me it´s from Meyi, but i think he has played Nanocrisis because there is the Birth thing in the Game and it´s very interesting, hope we would see this in Mitsuko too ;)

  6. thanks guys, believe or not those ideas never crosed my mind T_T, at least now im more motivated to work XD.

  7. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Me and all of my friends that watch you are waiting with bated breath.

  8. Here's some ideas, sorry if they are repeats of what was just posted.

    Instead of more enemies, you can add more sexual positions, making the variety of poses more exciting when the enemies catch you. You can link the animations to sexual arousal level, as well (as above).

    For easy-to-do enemies, you could put traps into the game. Traps like 'pit spikes' or 'wall spikes' which are actually thrashing tentacles (similar to the games Jungle Girl, Angel Girl, and Demon Girl). They would cause a set amount of damage during the level, and arousal. They would all fuck or molest Mitsuko, and cum in or on her in various, naughty ways. simple tentacles would be easy to animate too.

    Another content idea - You could leave cum on Mitsuko after her encounters, should the enemy finish. Or even if you have her masturbate to a finish, you could leave her legs stained with her fluids.

    You could make a skill that would have Mitsuko 'attack' the enemy sexually, if you've seen the work on the Samus flash over at Legend of Krystal forums, stunning the opponent and working them off to climax could stun or 'destroy' the foe.

    I figure you want to keep it more Megaman engine in playstyle and theme so keep up the good work, I've been watching and waiting eagerly for updates in the future.

  9. Oh I almost forgot to add!

    My ideas for enemies - Werewolf boss is a big plus (more like Mechawolf), but I heavily suggest you try some cyborgs or modified beings as enemies, to keep in theme. Use almost any of the Megaman X bosses, modified of course to an appropriate type of interest.

    You can even pervert some of the original megaman enemies if you need any ideas, there's a ton of content there. Flying enemies which home in on Mitsuko, enemies which fire dirty 'bullets' and raise her horny level, but not much damage (cumshots essentially) , Wall turrets (similar to my trap idea, it could grapple her and reel her in).

    Some enemies should be harder to escape from (I've found that the ability to escape is a bit too easy in some instances, but then sometimes the sexing part 'kills' Mitsuko too easily).

    Mainly I'd just like to see some more art in the game. An idea for your jellyfish enemy would be to make it much like a Metroid that attaches to Mitsuko and molests her until you escape (raising horny level, once she's naked and horny enough it rapes her into submission)