miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Progress Report

Just uploaded a small bug fix, fixed the boss door glitch and another one that made the wolf rape you infinite in horny face up position.
Also tweaked a little  the combo system, so let me know how does it feel now.
Made the arousal bar decrease over time only when you're not being raped.

The first 3 base anims for the slime are done.
See you next update.
Connection Lost...

8 comentarios:

  1. Yeah, it's going on :D Thx for your work :D

  2. Wow, I loved the new loading screen! So hot!

  3. After I arrive in the second area When I try to move I teleport and fall out of the map.

    Also the .exe file I downloaded opens in a v9 player, how do I open it in a v10 player?

  4. I agree. The Loading screen pic are HOT and freakin sexy. I love the perverted face of the wolf. Well done with the pic!

    And I have the same problem than Kuroshu. When I enter in the stage 1, after leaving the hall, if I press ANY button, I get telepoted to a bottonless pit to my doom.

  5. Fixed. Sorry about that, tha's why i get for trusting frame coding instead of movie clip code.
    BTW it does play on flash 9 on my side too, i'll look into it.

  6. OH but when your in the bottomless pit of doom you can press CTRL+RIGHT KEY to skip to some of the old maps...

    Good luck on converting it from v9 to v10. I have no knowledge about flash so I can't help there.

  7. Awesome work, Uriel. I've been following this project for a long time, and the latest release is very impressive. It feels very polished, and I have noticed no significant problems (which is almost astonishing).