viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

Next Demo

Just one more animation for the slime, and a little cutscene after the intro and technically I'll be able to post a demo, I say technically, because Pen finished the horse animations, and since all the enemies have the same base code, it will pretty fast to add the horse, so my question is, do you guys want a demo right away or do you prefer to wait to see the horse too?

In other news, I got rid of the suits selection screen, now when you got stripped, you only have to grab one of the cloth restoring items, you grab it once, and it'll restore your undies full health, grab it again and you get back all your clothes and they are automatically equipped.
Instead of said screen, I'll replace it with a status customize one, in there you'll able to buy upgrades for each of 4 stats:
  • Attack.- Obviously, this will boost the damage you inflict on enemies
  • Defense.- Will affect your cloth resistance and rape resistance (take less damage from rapes)
  • Will.- Here you can raise your max will power.
  • Lust.- By developing this, it'll be more hard for you to get aroused.
The only thing that is left to decided is the rate at which the cost will rise every time you upgrade an specific status, and if I should make the "currency" for the upgrades finite, or infinite (enemy drops), tell me on the comments what you think and if you have a suggestion on another status to upgrade, let's hear it.

That's all for now


10 comentarios:

  1. I say to wait till the ''New enemy'' is finished.

    Dunno everybody else

  2. Agreed, I'd rather see a bit more and wait a bit longer.

    A quick question, can you still choose to strip yourself, or has that option been removed too? The rest sounds great, easier, thus better, in my opinion.

    I think it should be infinite, but enemies should only drop in very low ammounts, while finite sources should give bigger amounts, just to make sure you can't easily farm the currency.

    I think a big rise of the cost per upgrade would be better, but also with equally high improvement, i.e. 1st upgrade 1 xp and 1 level, 2nd upgrade 10 xp and 3 levels, and so on.

    Just a opinion from some guy, but at least he thought his comment through...

  3. I vote for "wait for later demo with stallions".

    And I vote for finite skill upgrades, I think it'll make the choices for your upgrades a bigger impact, since you can't get all the upgrades. :)

    So glad you're working on this again, can't wait for that demo!

  4. I'll wait too for the finished enemy.

  5. @Some Guy: There's a skill that lets you do a some kind of explosion at the cost of some of you cloth hp, I don't remember anymore if it was on the last demo, but if you can strip yourself, spamming that is the fastest way, mmm but now that I think of it, if I don't put that form the earlier parts of the game, striping yourself would have to be the old fashion way...mmmm... I'll see what can I came up with in that regard.

  6. as long as there is a new release, i really don't care if it is another demo, so, do what you think is better and i wish you good luck with that

  7. pleasepleaseplease let the horse animation have bulging :[ *crosses fingers*

  8. Ide prefer infinite upgrades so I have some farming to do, lengthens game play and allows you to build up rape-worthy characters. Also Ive been waiting this long to see it developed further, so waiting a bit more to see the horse is fine by me

  9. I vote for finite upgrades, as it could become a bit dull being able to upgrade yourself up to a point were you are invincible and impossible to kill; but if something like that has to be done, then I would like to see a cheats menu if possible. I vote to wait longer and see more stuff, but I don't like the idea of not being able to strip yourself. I would also like to report two bugs:
    1. The Super Horny slime animation becomes invisible and you can't see it, only that suddenly you see part of the ending and then it disappears again, and right after that the animation starts once again, becoming a never ending loop which doesn't stop and you can't get away from it.
    2. Dunno if this is a bug or not. The latest version you've posted has to be opened with Internet Explorer (that, I don't care) and when you start playing the game you can't see the whole screen, only about halfway through, making it impossible to see anything in the right part of the screen.
    Your work is great, keep it up.

  10. There won't be cheats, only unlockables, and along those there will be an invincible mode, but you could achieve a sorts of by spamming upgrades, but will take longer than unlocking the invincible mode.
    About the slime, that's because it's not finished in that version, but in the next demo it will.
    About the explorer, try doing right click->open with...-> and select flash player, if it doesn't show up, click choose program and look for it in the adobe folder in C.