martes, 9 de octubre de 2012


Hey everyone.

A quick report on how things have been going these last weeks, and, well, really nothing much to say, other than progress has been slow, I have been a little busy at my DA account so I haven't had much time to work on SE, but I will get to it don't worry. And speaking of such, maybe this will be the update that will take the most time, because I decided to finally take on the oldest bug the game has: the spawning, I haven't quite yet got to it mostly because I waiting for the bug to happen, which apparently is at complete random, I need it to happen so I can make some code that is able to detect when an enemy didn't spawn correctly and fix it, since I couldn't make it to work the way it should then this is the only thing I can do to fix it.

Well, that is pretty much for, sorry if I haven't answered your comments, but a couple of weeks ago firefox finally fed me up, I got tired of the damn thing slowing on me so I thrashed it, and switched to Opera, good thing: speed, bad thing: incompatibility, in the way that I cannot click on the answer button on the comments on the blog... can't I never win? *sighs* well farewell for now.


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  1. Uummm... You could use Google Chrome, because it is really fast and it is compatible with a lot of stuff (I don't use Firefox anymore 'cause I made a whole website crash, but that's another story). Oh, also there is this "bug" I think I found which is when an enemy grapples you, you have to mash buttons to scape, and you have to fill it up; but if you don't scape and some of the bar is filled up, you have to start from that point of the bar to decrease it. In other words, if you try to scape at the beginning and fail; it will be worse later; as you have to do much more work to scape. Maybe I didn't explain myself right, so, sorry about that (english is not my first language). Anyways, your work is great, keep it up!

  2. Don't worry, i'm here waiting for the next update hahaha, i can wait as long as it takes, just to play a good game

  3. I have another glitch to report besides the respawn one. The glitch makes it so that after a while (I don't know how) your clothes get the "undefined" durability left and you can't wear them. I have no idea how it happens, I guess it just happens after starting the save file a couple times. I think it also happened to me again on another file when i let an enemy hit me until the clothes were completely destroyed and I collected a clothes repair in a save room.

  4. I found that I couldn't click on buttons on some sites when the "Fit to Width" option activated. Its in the bottom right corner the little up arrow down there.

  5. Can you put a gallery mode in the next update? Could be a good reward for pass the hard mode i guess.

  6. i kind of think i found a bug, when i upgrade defense, i take MORE damage not less from enemies when they attack me.

    1. Ryan, this belongs in the bug report section. And its been reported multiple times. Uriel may have even fixed it already . . . I don't remember.