domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Battle report

Hasta ahora no he tenido suerte con el bug del lobo, como me caga el maldito flash y su hitTest de mierda, parece ser que sólo tuve suerte  al programar las colisiones de Mitsuko, si de plano veo que no puedo, le voy a quitar el ataque que salta al lobo y si algpun día lo arreglo, lo pondré de nuevo.

En otras noticias, por fin pude agregarle al juego un marco para que cuando lo pongan en pantalla completa se vea igual que en modo normal, como se supone que se debe jugar :P

Aparte de eso no hay más que reportar.

So far no luck with the wolf bug, ugh, I hate flash in this regards, looks like I just got lucky coding the colisions for Mitsuko, can't really tell how much longer will this take, but it worse comes to worst, I'll remove the leaping attack for the time being.

On another news, I finally was able to make a frame for the game, so for those who like to play the game in fullscreen, won't be able to see more that it was intended.

Aside form that not too much to report.


2 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for the update dude, even if you don't have much to report, a small update is still an update so don't forget to do it frequently ;D

    Keep it up dude!


  2. Do you need any help from an amateur coder? I don't have much experience with actionscript specifically, but I have good coding instincts in general, a great eye for detail, and as good problem solving abilities. Even not knowing the code language so well, I can figure out the problem with any kind of code when I put my mind to it. So if you need another set of eyes looking for solutions to your bugs, let me know.