domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

The wait is almost over

Que hay banda, sólo para comentarles que ya termine con el debug, y mañana mandaré el demo a pruebas y si todo sale bien ya habrá nuevo demo.

What's up? Just passing by to let you know that debugging is done and tomorrow I'll send the demo for beta test, and if everything goes smoothly, I'll upload the demo as soon as the test ends.


8 comentarios:

  1. И года не прошло.

    I hope in the next demo will be seen a big step forward. This was enough time to sculpt a full game with blackjack and hookers

    1. Ну обещано было многое по крайней мере =) кстати в текущей версии, что на сайте, можно спускаться вниз? мне интересно это баг или просто я криворукий не могу спуститься вниз на уровне с лошадью около второй двери сейва?

  2. May I get in on that Beta? I'm currently in some programming classes and would love to gain further experience

  3. Yay! An update! I hope everything goes smoothly for you, Uriel. Good luck!

  4. Finally! I hope it won't take more than 2 years to end test the beta Huehuehue

  5. good
    *crosses fingers*
    i hope the next bug test doesnt have anymore issues.

  6. Awesome news, can't wait to see this new version released.