miércoles, 9 de abril de 2014


Ok, I have read your comments and I'm here to appease your worries.

As always, the game is not dead, relax, just (incredibly slow)-> name that reference and you win a cookie! ;)

I just recently finished adjusting the menus to the new size of window, so far the new arrangement looks decent.
As for the animations, I still have to do the standing for the daggers, and that will be technically done, and I say technically, because I would still have to fix some details here and there, for good looks only.
But since animating gets me soooo lazy, I think I'll start with the intro stage first, I'm just having trouble imaging it due to the fact that it will be linked to the intro in a way to make sense, but the intro has it is now will be changed (finally came up with a cool enough story), so most likely I'll have to do first the story (at least the beginning, something to justify all this mess), then the intro, and last the intro stage.


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  1. Nice to know, good to see, and great when it's finished. Keep it up!

  2. great thx, the game is not Dead. Make your good work further. And aigen sorry for the rude comment, it was not fair.

  3. Thank you for the update on your progress, we all still appreciate you making this for us~
    Don't stress, and keep up the good work!


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  5. You have my support! I'd buy you a beer, if I could.

  6. Just remember if you want some pieces of the game tested no matter how big or small you can ask, I'm sure all of us would want to help you especially those who want you to speed up but want it to not be rushed too.

  7. Maybe my grandson can play this game. Long live uriel!

  8. I'm a little lazy to always leave comments but I try to leave some once in a while and I have left several :p but I just wanted to say I check your blog like 1-3+ times a day at least for an update lol, I check many websites like this but this one being one of them because I truly love this game how it is so far and even though it's not well-developed in the demo, I can see a great future and hopes in it and it can be an outstanding fun/sexy game xD with a lot more enemies and stages to go through.. I hope this releases sometime. I understand the laziness of animation, I'm actually making my own game now too and it's a struggle. I have some lack of motivation to complete it, wondering who's even gonna enjoy it.. but I know this will be loved by several, definitely by me xD <3

  9. Hey there is a game that is using your sound effects here http://breedingseasongame.blogspot.be/2014/04/animation-preview.html?showComment=1398616451567#c5613119953267311151

    1. Well, that moan is actually from Crapcom's Darkstalkers character Felicia, so don't worry about it. But thanks anyways, it's good to know there's someone looking out for me out there ;)

  10. so is there going to be any progress updates in the near future?