lunes, 30 de junio de 2014


This time a bit of a make up was done, fixing some details on the menus and such, made a couple more tiles for the lab area, and I tested thoroughly that Mitsuko's hair and gloves change color immediately after you change weapon types in her different poses, like running jumping, etc, only thing left for that is a small glitch when you change weapon while running, specifically from melee to ranged, she will go to the gun running animation, but the gun appears after like half a second.

Also did some planning with Pen yesterday regarding enemies, and since there's a lot of ppl asking about that I guess I can leak a bit or 2 of info here.
Ok, here's the thing, as you all know, I'm the world's slowest H-game developer there is right? so, in order to keep this thing on a do-able goal, the game won't have say an standard amount of stages, like 8, otherwise I'll never finish this, so the game is planned to have 3 main stages plus a final one, so, for each stage there's gonna be 4 types of enemies, and with the 4 bosses planed, we have a grand total of 16 enemies to fill up all spaces on the gallery mode, I wasn't sure if I would fill all 16 spots, but thanks to Pen's amazing work, we are half way done; as for what kind of enemies there will be, that one I can't tell you until I've deal with the status bug and I have completed the combat system the way I want.

Ok, so that's all for now.


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  1. Well you surprised me in two ways: 1. you acctaully upheld your promise to write reports every Mon/Sun.
    2. There are even more enemies!( you promised 6 and now you're telling me there 12 new soon - that is so awesome :D)
    Oh, BTW - when fighting the golem, sometimes in the corner, if he "disolves" (his attack move and a move used for him to move x) ) he falls off the map. But that was when i didn't know i had to kill him with air attacks :S so i guess it isn't a big problem now...

  2. Great news man! i hope theres more horse animations nyehhehe :P does the horse get a new visual update or is the demo the final choice for it? also , more dog scenes hmmm?

  3. Wow I'm excited :3 having 16 enemies would make me cum multiple times to the game xD lmao.

  4. Respuestas
    1. The game will be uploaded once it is finished. There is no known release date due the slow process and the constant bug fixing though. Anyway, I bet it will be worth every minute of waiting once it is done :3

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