lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

Report #Progress?

Script is is coming along very nicely, it helped quite a bit as expected, I think by next week I can start animating.


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  1. I reformatted my computer (sending all my H games including this from my PC to my phone and back to my reformatted PC) and my gallery is gone ;-; lol I suppose the data of the progress is gone, it doesn't matter though, I won' bother playing it again until the new demo because man I'm really hooked on this game and I want it so bad x.x you have no idea. If done well, this could be my first 10/10 rated hentai game (because they all come with their flaws..) This may not be perfect since it won't have that any gangbang scene you said a while back (and that's one of my biggest turn ons), but it's not totally necessary to become a 10/10 Cx anyway, patiently waiting and hyped for the next demo.

  2. I see that banner update there. Adorable! :3

  3. I was *not* expecting a new interface! Delightful.