lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

Report# I DID IT

So...The other day I worked a bit on the game...I suggest you go to your local priest because this must mark the end of times :P
Joking aside, as I said I will, it wasn't anything big, but was important nonetheless, I decided that one of the reasons that were holding me back is that I have a bunch of little things unfinished that I neglected to do before adding more thing to the game, so I open up my old note pad and I'll go through it until I have cleared it up of things to do, that should do the trick.
Anyway, onto the juicy details, the first thing to greet me at the list was a small bug that made the ammo item to not fill your gun correctly when it had a certain amount of charge, turns out it was caused merely by a mistake on my part on the logic in the code, so, easy fix, and while I was on it, I added a numerical counter on it, which I can't believe I didn't put it in before, man, I just can't help to keep adding stuff, after seeing the numbers change while using the guns, I felt like the gauge it's a bit small, so now I want to add an option to boost the amount of ammo for each gun, and I know what you're thinking, "but Uriel, the guns suck, they are useless and not fun" I know, but I had -yet another thing to the to do list- the fix for that from a while now, you see how all 3 guns basically work the same way right, well I think the key is right there, so instead of 3 guns, only the electric one will be a gun, quick, lots of ammo but weak, then the ice one will be a shotgun, you'll fire a blast of "freezing compound" (most likely liquid nitrogen) which makes more sens than a weird cloud, and the flame one will be a flame thrower, a constant stream of bullets that will have great pushback, but low ammo, plus you won't be able to move while firing it, this one was the one that scares me, because I don't know if I will be able to code it right, but damn sure I'll try.

And on a final note, yesterday I played the new RoR game on the block called "DarkStar", and aside from the obvious flaws on the gameplay, I actually enjoyed it (though I won't be playing it again :P), not only for the almost consensual animations, but for the fact the gave me a huge boost on inspiration, well maybe not so big, but still, you see, in the game the chick you control has this gun right? and you find different types of shots for it, but, if you collect 2 of the same, that shot increases in power, and it's funny because I was playing and I was thinking "ok, this looks pretty much like your run-of -the-mill h game" but when I discovered that with the guns, I immediately wanted to play it more, it reminded me of an old school SNES game that I actually own called Cybernator, where you play a mecha in an space war, and it has 4 different types of weapons, your fist, standard vulcan, missiles and a laser beam, and if you search well enough the stages you will find power ups for them, each one has 4 levels, yeah...good times, anyways, I'm pretty sure you all know where this is going, but I have to, I can't just let this pass by, so yep, another one to the to do list.

Well, that's it for now I guess, to those that are wondering if this means I will finally resume development normally, well, I sure think it more of a yes than a no, but we'll see.


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  1. For the flamethrower, from a technical point of view, you could see it as a gun that shoots very quickly and automatically a series of slow, big, bullets that go through enemies (the flames) for low damage a hit but potential for high damage with the constant stream of hits.

    Also, glad you found your way to get back into making the game!

  2. You did it! *high five* also thanks for the shout out on other kinds of games. It gives me a great distraction while I cry myself to sleep waiting for the next update.

    Really though. Whenever I get a new email from you I get excited! Keep it up!

  3. I have no idea what darkstar is but i want to play it now, link?

  4. Google Fu has failed me, I can't find anything on "DarkStar", so also requesting link >.<

    Glad to hear you're getting back into the swing of things! Also inputting on Flamethrower, Barreytor's idea sounds good, just a lot of overlapping projectiles, hopefully animated (even just flickering would do), which are fired with variable speed, lifetime and angle to create that cone of flame. Only potential problem I can see is performance issues with a whole bunch of particles, but I can't really say much on that, I don't code in flash :V
    That issue could potentially be lessened by having each 'projectile' look like several, and just better individual animations. It doesn't have to be super fancy as long as we can set people on fire

  5. Don't know about linking rules but All I have to say is:
    Google DarkStar Ulmf
    There should be a link there....

  6. Here, I've found it!

    On topic, keep the good work up, Uriel!

  7. Indeed darkstar and a good sci-fi game, while not my preference; fight or action shot. the look of the game and very beautiful and worked, but the speed is very slow because of the graphics of the game.

    One thing that was very cool are the enemies going to the sci-fi genre.
    and this may perhaps serve as inspiration for new character to spacescape .... maybe :)

    Good work Uriel ! Already some time ago (years) that I follow your work, and I'll always be waiting for new updates!

    Sorry for my bad english