lunes, 12 de enero de 2015


Started the storyboard today. Debating with myself if I should use CG's on the intro or use game graphics only. 

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  1. The traditional way is CG's. By all means, though, use what best tells the story.

  2. Just to be obvious, CG means, "computer graphic," or drawing, whereas game graphics could refer to...what it is right now in the intro, right?

    The intro is a big step on anything. I’d be happy with whatever you chose. Best not to think about it, You’d be surprised by how a vision for something great comes along when you don't think about it.
    For me, some of my best ideas come when I’m taking a shower, sounds odd, yes. Just don't ask me to tell you what those ideas are, it’s hard to write the ideas down when the paper keeps getting wet.
    But what works for you, works for me. Maybe you’re the type that can visualize things better for a project when you think about it. Everybody is different, and you certainly cannot please everybody. But, if you please yourself, and do what your heart says to do, then follow it. As long as you don't give out an ETA, that seems to piss people off :D

  3. personally i feel if u go with CG;s they need to look presentable. iv played plenty of H-games where game graphics is used and personally i have no preference between the two. however a bad CG can hurt a game.
    No pressure though. Personally iv been eagerly following your updates and have high hopes for spacescape. Cant wait to see how this all turns out :)

  4. I feel like the CG would be the way to go. You can tell the story you want without having to worry about things getting buggy when animating the sprites for however long. A few opening CGs with maybe some text would give enough clues to tell us whats going on and we could get straight into the game and start playing. Also we get more of your art which is a plus =3

    1. Also wanted to say That I have been following your game for a few years now. I am really excited to see where you take it!

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  6. I'd prefer the artistic style be consistent through-out a game. If by CG one means something like default Poser models and awkward animation, then avoid like plague. Though, after reading the other comments, I think I'm the only one who associates CG with 3D.

    *Hands over another bottle of Motivation™*

  7. I personally dislike CG or other still picture in games. They have always bore me beyond belief. I enjoy straight up animation, even if it is simple. I will say having some CG isnt too bad, but I dislike the thought of the whole story throughout the game being shown in CG. I may just lack the imagination to visualize the characters in me head with still pictures but, this is just my opinion, stick with animated sprites. Regardless of what you do though, this is great work and will continue to be great work!

  8. I dislike CG. Whenever there was CG or still pictures in a game it would always bore me beyond belief. I may just lack the imagination to visualize the characters in my head and need something to look at that is animated but, this is my opinion, stick to sprite animations. I will say that some CG or still pictures is ok, but I loath the thought of the majority of the story through out the whole game being explained in CG. Regardless of what you do, this is great work and will continue to be great work!

  9. sorry for the double post.. it was my first time commenting on a blogger and got confused!