miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2015

Open Beta Update

Been working on quite a few things on the game so I pushed the dates a bit to try to get everything, or at least to get to a presentable update, but didn't quite make it, anyhow, I said no more than an month between updates, so here's the new version. Change log is on the rar file so to not overcumb the blog; you can check it to see what exactly was adde, and also since I'm in the middle of reworking the wolf's animations, expect it to be a bit funky.


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  1. not sure if its just me or if i missed some announcement, but nothing except for the arrow keys work from the menu. i can't really play this beautiful work in progress if i cant press anything :/

  2. I went to a trip for 2 weeks so, i am pretty lose, what happend? Que paso? me perdi de una update importante?

  3. I noticed that there are no repair clothing drops from the enemies. Also the save room no longer provides clothing repairs so that leaves you with no way to fix your clothes which will quickly wear out .

    The other thing I noticed is that the screen bugs up if you try to go into a full screen mode. It seems to resize itself properly for the windowed mode after you transition between two areas though.

    There was a third issue I noticed. During the rape sequences the little dialogue that fires off in the lower right corner of the screen just spams the text in a blur which makes it unreadable since it just keeps cycling through the text.

    Also, is masturbate now available at the game start? I noticed that I could use it even though it wasn't listed in my skills. I did delete the old save file before playing. I just wanted to bring these things up that I noticed with about 15 minutes worth of playing around.

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