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Another poll thing?!

Hey guys.
I figured that I should do something to get you busy while you wait for the next update, since I'm still being held captive by a certain MMO who's name I won't say...
Anyway, this time I wanted to try something new, well, I guess you have given me that kind of feedback now and then, but this time it would be gathered in one place, anyway, what I'm talking about is that for this "poll" I want you to tell me 5 things (only 5 since everyone will be posting so I will get drowned if I ask more than 5) you don't like about the game, everyone (that's a generalization I know) keeps telling me that they love the game and that is awesome etc etc, but this time around I want the other side of the stick (pause on that), if you can't think more than 5, yay for me, if you have more than 5 please just choose the ones that bother you the most (don't male another post just to put all please ^_^').

So, there you have it, I await the "hate" comments.


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  1. Hey! good to have some news ;D

    Overall the game is really good in its state and I cannot think of things that I "hate" about the game itself so i will just propose things I would really like to see in the game.

    1) The fact that you have to complete the game in all difficulties to get to the gallery is kinda grindy and dull. Completing the game once and for all would be enought.

    2) (obvious one) More clothes and more ennemies.

    3) I wish the masturbation animation won't remove a part of the clothing, and no matter how much lust you have, you can masturbate through the clothes instead of "ripping" the crotch part of the cloth.

    4) (really hard to implement) I wish to see pregnancy in the game.

    5) (really hard to implement) I wish to see a "parasitic clothes" thats feeds on the main characters orgasms to upgrade. (Yeah thats WTF xD)

    Anyways thanks for asking our point of views! Thats really cool to be listened to.

  2. Maybe make the early enemies a bit less tricky to deal with? You could give them a short delay between meeting the player and actually attacking. It's the beginning of the game, you're not supposed to get your ass kicked easily. On that note, perhaps higher-level enemies could have not only higher stats but also more difficult AI, i.e. better reaction times, use of tactics like moving out of the player's melee reach before charging them.

  3. My only complaint has to be something I've pointed out before: You really need to iron out your moaning sound effects to sound more like a real person's. I mean, the sound effects themselves are fine for the most part, but they need to be spaced out a bit, especially at the turned on/horny animations, because at the moment, a lot of the moaning sound effects bleed together unnaturally, as you have her moaning at every thrust, even the fast ones.

  4. 1) Moaning speed/sound speed, either it's completely fast and its not sync. And certain sounds too (slime sucking)

    2) Gallery reward (as the 1st poster) i can't imagine the time people will spend finishing the full-game for the gallery

    3) the problem of the updating enemies, i mean, it's not bad, the wolf update was awesome (and it's still isn't full according to the progression bar) but i think it will consume a lot of your time. (but the horse getting some treatment sounds nice too)

    4) i don't think that having every item in the 1st lvl is like "good", but maybe we might need those items in the next level so it's fine, but i kinda feel it too rewarding

    5) somehow there should be enemies that instead of sending mitsuko fly they should instantly rape her (or giving some enemies that ability) cause sometimes they send her flying waaaay far away and they forget they attacked her in the 1st place hahaah

  5. 1) I wish the combat was more more dynamic (IE most enimies you can simply stun lock or just dodge them)
    2) playing through the game multiple times is a grind, I want replay value but the difficulties should be unlocked after one play (perhaps different clothes or a secret weapon could be unlocked with other plays)
    3) enemies should use different attacks that you need to dodge different ways (like ranged attacks that you need to block or high attacks you must duck) (think castlevania axe armors)
    4) the sex scenes are well implemented but the clothes perhaps give too consistent protection from sex, such that you basically never run into the scenes by playing normally (you often die before you get sexed) this can perhaps be remedied by either making the cloth repairs much much more rare so that your cloths will wear down slowly even as you heal or you could make enemies sometimes sex you though the clothes.
    5) hornyness doesn't really come up, and being at max often means you take less damage. see above.

  6. 1) Clothing drops are almost so rare, they may as well not be dropped from enemies.

    2) Fire gun is useless. I don't even use it to get the clothing that's inside the containers, since I can just dash into the red containers, and glitch acquire them that way.

    3) Never need to use electric gun except to open containers.

    4) using the "explosion" skill while running or jumping causes the player to drop on the floor and take clothing damage, as if being hit by a powerful force.

    5) (Noted from the current version of the game), the game zooms in and is panned when the screen is at 'full screen' during game play. It goes back to normal when the screen is in 'window mode' when loading a new area.

    I will say that I looked at some of the other comments about the moaning speed. Personally, I'm against what they said, I like the fast paced moans. That's my preference anyways. To each their own.

  7. Five things I don't like... Tough.
    1) BUGS! :P
    Um... Well.
    2) "Missing" animations. -In some of your super early builds, Mitsuko had a blowjob scene with the wolf.
    This one:
    Pretty hawt!
    The old ladder position was pretty hot,too.

    Lastly, the lack of a zoom feature. That's about it! ^.^

    1. Please show me where I can find the rest of those early sprites (especially the oral ones!!)
      I definitely need that in my life 0.0

    2. I found them on swfchan. Just searched Mitsuko and found some really old versions! Had the floating eye thing in them, as well. But, the frame rate and such in them is pretty bad. haha

    3. Found what you mentioned and I have to say...

      You should've kept some of this stuff Uriel..! Like how there's another animation when you're just about to lose a grab. I loved that! Also there were 2 different grabs and idle poses for turned and normal. I liked that too

      Some animations were good! Like how Mitsuko spreads for the dog when she's horny.. And how she gave the golem a titfuck as well.

      Also.. The animation where Mitsuko wobbles to her knees after the dog licks her pussy from behind: hawt.

  8. An interesting choice of requests...but, I can try and find 5 things I dislike.
    1. Enemies do too much physical damage, and not enough "clothes breaking' damage. You have to actively try for sex to happen.
    2. Game needs clothed sex (perhaps certain enemies have an attack that, if not dodged, ignores clothing?)
    3. Moaning sounds need to be randomly cycled for animations, rather than only a single sound for each one.
    4. Gameplay/progress should be focused on over re-doing art effects, or you'll fall into the endless loop that Breeding Season has.
    5. Current difficulty and unlocks seem odd. (ideally, both easy and normal would be unlocked at the start, hard mode unlocked on beating normal, then gallery unlocked after hard).

  9. 1 - For a start, the armor system seems bugged. In some cases I take more damage while clothed.
    2 - More useful gun. Currently, it is useless, outside of braking containers.
    - allow to shoot while a melee weapon is drawn, instead of constantly switching, to allow to make some combos with the ice and taser
    - fire shot has to make more damage
    - (maybe) allow for a melee strike, while the gun is drawn, for other combos
    3 - Horses' health - yes, it turns the first horse into a mini-boss, but it can get downright impossible to beat if you do not grind enough. With a sword on Hard, I manage to make only 1 HP damage at first. And I am not a person who enjoys grinding much.
    4 - Masturbation heals way too little, for the amount of arousal it gives. Instead of a fixed amount of healed HP, it should recover a percentage.
    5 - Instead of leveling up all enemies, while you level up, there should be tougher enemies in the places, that are reachable later in the game. The other thing is to make leveling up give less dramatic effects. Or, you can increase the amount of enemies that spawn while you level up. The way it works now - it gets completely worthless to upgrade yourself at a certain point. Also, I think the whole system needs a few tweaks.

    Also, as a person with fetishes - can we have pregnancy? As a game over screen, depending on what last had sex with the player? If it is to be an in-game mechanic, I really have no suggestions on how to work.

    1. The Ice Gun does a ton of damage to horses from what I could tell. Making it somewhat useful!

  10. So, far as criticism goes, I do have a couple of things to say. I will avoid anything I feel is due to a lack of development, such as, you know, enemy variety, costume variety, levels, etc.:
    1. The combat is off, in my opinion. Now, I'm not quite sure how to fix this other than overhauling the grabbing/armor system, but the combat feels mostly like button mashing if you have armor. The issue is only made worse if you don't, since armor is what prevents you from getting grabbed, and getting grabbed has mashing buttons as a major side effect. During combat with the horses, for example all you really need to do is mash attack and then take a couple steps back to wait for them to attack, then come in and mash again. To tell you the truth, this is my least important one, since I don't really ever see you fixing it, but I figured I'd mention it.
    2. Sex and corruption. I don't know if this is consistent, but I found that it's too easy to escape from the monsters. Since there is a corruption element in play, the best way I could see this is to have an invisible stat that would drop every time you took damage or gained lust. This stat would affect your ability to escape simply by making the mash-to-escape a lot harder to pull off, allowing you to actually roleplay being overwhelmed and yet learning to enjoy this treatment, rather than it being a sort of "Oh, no, I totally can't escape from this wolf, no matter HOW hard I try..."
    3. Music. I'm not sure how much you can do on this end, but I'm not quite sure that the music really fits the tone of the game. The opening to the song in the main room, mixed in with the sound of the engine, sounds great and sinister, which is exactly how it should be. The mine theme, however, while beautiful, doesn't really seem to match up with fighting for your life/virginity in a dark cave full of wolves, horses and living balls of slime.
    4. Some of the skills go rather unused, especially the explosion and masturbation abilities. I didn't ever truly find an opportunity to use explosion, and when I tried masturbation, the health I got back was negligible compared to the lust damage I received. Personally, I feel like masturbation should, upon orgasm, actually drain your entire lust bar. Then, there should be a cooldown before you can use it again, which should be long enough that nobody would attempt to use it to simply heal themselves all the way back.
    5. Leveling isn't impressive enough, and I really do think the easiest way to fix this would be to make leveling work out of an exp. system, rather than the unreliable chips. Besides, with the current system, there always becomes a time wherein leveling is no longer even worth anything anyway, since it costs too much for too little. Besides, the system is apparently completely fucked when you get into sex animations, as raising your stats doesn't seem to let you survive those even slightly better.

    I... actually have a fair amount more criticism. Sound design is one very important one, as sounds make the scenes seem more real and have more impact. You need to have random cycling sounds for her voice, and having impacts will provide serious tactile force to everything. Trust me, if you do it right, it'll be like night and day.

    1. Now for the friendly bit: Come on, man, everything's okay here! We don't hate you and have no reason to, as you're providing us with something goddamn amazing for the low, low price of absolutely fuck-all. If you do get a hate comment, I feel like I speak for most of the community in giving you our heartfelt permission to tell that person to fuck right the hell off. You have nothing to fear from us, and if there's anything at all to be worried about, it's that you may be eternally sucked into the never ending void that is TERA online, so we'll never be able to help you like this again. Seriously, mate, it's an MMO. I've been there.
      In any case, I still fully support you and your work, and I'm very glad I could 'hurt to help' in this manner. If ever you find yourself in CheshireCat levels of trouble, know that I, we, will be here to help.
      ...Unless you don't include (insert obscure fetish), in which case I'm fucking DONE!

      (S-sorry about the extra bit, I had too many characters, um... the first time...)

    2. 1.-It going to be fixed at some point, it's my next top priority, though I haven't got to tackle it yet, since it's going to take a while, I will revamp all the enemy code so it's easier to read/modify, and the enemies will have different patterns depending on what difficulty you're on, as well as changin Mitsu's moves, startup active and recovery frames and such and such and such.
      2.-The corruption is on the works, right now no amount of sex you have will change anything, like, in the long run; right now the more arousal she has, the harder is to get out of grabs, and if you level up dex, it gets easier, though with somewhat enough dex you can escape by just tapping the arrow keys like 2 times, so yeah, needs a lot of balancing, I'll get to it when I implement the corruption.
      4.-Something of what you said is in plans, the bit about using it to deplete your arousal bar. As for the explosion, it will replaced for something more fun, don't worry.
      5.I was talking about that like last month with a friend, and I decided to scratch it, and instead go for a perk system, spoiler alert.

      For the last; I don't think that I ever received a hate comment, I just thought it would be interesting to ask for things you guys wouldn't particularly love about the game.

  11. 1) Finish your work on the dialogue with the sex scenes. Slow the text down and time it properly.
    2) Clothed sex. Not saying you need to redraw or reanimate anything - just try to add it however you can.
    3) Less damage during sex scenes. It's bad enough I need to remove my clothes to get to any sex scenes but I can only enjoy 1 or 2 before I need to stop and regain health.
    4) Nothing. You're doing great - I think the most recent update is the best and least-buggy version yet. Gameplay/combat is much more enjoyable now, too.
    5) Keep up the good work.

    1. 3) thats what the leveling system is for, put a few levels in max will and 1 or 2 in defence and you can have long lasting sex sessions :D

  12. Much of the stuff that I dislike was said by other people. Please stop playing these MMOs and start coding again ^^

  13. 1. Combat feels a bit weak imo. I think what needs to be done is enemies should have a weakness system. Such as wolves being weak to certain weapon dmg or elemental dmg. This would help flesh out the very one sided combat system currently in place. For example a slime.

    The slime would be very strong against melee weapons. Would take increased dmg from fire shots. And if hit with a Ice Shot would for a short time take increased dmg from melee weapons. Slimes would be immune to bolt shots.

    Adding these things to the enemies will help flesh out the combat side of the game quite a bit and really help out over all.

    2. The amount of healing items in the game are quite staggering and kind of makes the game overly easy. I think the way to properly solve this is to remove the healing items from the save rooms and replace it with a healing station or shop. And you can spend money to buy healing or ammo or clothe repairs. Then make money a drop from enemies and you solve your problem. You can then adjust the drop rate or the cost of said items to increase or decrease the difficulty.

    3. I think the game lacks a clear direction while playing. I don't mean anything straightforward such as go 3 blocks to the left and pick up the holy sword.exe. I am more talking about the player lacks any motivation for going anywhere period. I know some of that is a metrovania aspect but it doesn't really make a cohecive game.

    A good way to fix this would be to include more Lines from your Player Character. Such as when you find the blue key "Hey now that I have the blue key I can check out those areas I've had to skip." You can push this idea further by having everyonce and a while the Player Charater to say somthing about the current part of the story "Hmm have I checked all the blue rooms yet?"

    The more vague you make the Player Characters lines the better off you will be. Metrovania veterns will skip the lines anyway while other players will use the lines to help them through the game. It might a hangover from lead you by the nose games modern games have become, however it does lead to a better story line when it is done right.

    4. Currently switching weapons is kind of a hassel, maybe add 1,2,3 number support for weapons and shots so that it isn't so ruff trying to switch weapons and guns in the heat of a battle.

    5. It might be a good Idea to limit max level as over leveling is fairly easy in this game. So certain enemies will stop droping level up xp when your character reaches certain Character Levels

    As an example wolves will stop dropping xp at CL 10. Or somthing along those lines.

  14. You are supposed to be able to play the latest version, right? Because I can't even start it. The controls for highlighting and choosing things in the main menu have apparently not been set.

    Have anyone else experienced that, or is it just me?

    1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    2. I have encountered about two others with the same problem, yes. Have you deleted the saves? The current new version requires that the saves are to be deleted. You can find the saves at;
      C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects.

      That should do it.

    3. That DID do it! I remember reading about this saves issue, but I didn't realized this was what could've happened.

      Thanks, guy!

  15. All right, criticism only, as you wish (I will try not to mention things that I suppose will get implemented eventually):
    1) As almost everyone agrees, way to unlock gallery without going through 3 gameplays of the exactly same level (and the pain of three times tutorial)

    2) Better font in tutorial, if you choose it from the main menu - the skill description nearly exploded my eyes (the upgrades were Ok though, so maybe unite the style according to the more readable one)

    3) Ehhh... That's it, there are other things but I suppose you will fix it eventually, just going to put a short list here:
    - option to turn off the music - really, during the 3rd gameplay it was getting on my nerves
    - larger golem hitbox - the sword is going right through him without doing any damage, it is really weird
    - some way to repair damaged clothes
    Good luck mate, looking forward to the next update filled with new stuff!

  16. can't start the game,can't find the save files.

  17. 1. pregnancy and childbirth
    2. more ways to deal with the enemies (maybe more friendly, submitting, seducing, tricking...) that would have its bad repercussions, or advantages if done good.
    3. non-enemies npcs that could add story to the game, or aid the player, or be raped by enemies too or whatever.
    4. more "losing" animations for each enemy, the more the better
    5. more kinds of enemies

    your game is great, but if you add these things it would be too awesome.

  18. The game is truly awesome and has its own style (like megaman has its own personal style for example)

    The only thing that i could enjoy the game more is that there should be a way to reduce lust
    There are 3 animations per enemy and they are all very enjoyable, however if you keep beeing more or less in sexual combat you stick to the third (finisher) animation.

    My ideas
    - Place a waterdispenser in the save room, if you use it (holding the up button), you will gradually reduce the lust bar while she is drinking until you release the button and stop digrading it
    - I would also love to see a way to unlock an infinite health mode and a mode where you can lock the lust bar (reward for finishing the game? Or for doing a 100% game complete?)