lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016


Yesterday's stream.

Also, a couple announcements.
I won't continue the game anymore (jk, jk), seriously, I'm not sticking to a set schedule for the streams, it had been already started to feel like a chore, so that's bad news bears. So what I'm gonna do, is just stream whenever I feel like it, but that doesn't mean I will stream one day, then a month passes before the next; no, I will still stick to 1 per week, only that you might never know when it's gonna come. I will tho, post here with as much preemptiveness as I can so ppl have time to prepare if they want to drop and watch, that being said, I will of course still uploading them here for anyone interested.

So, that's that for that, and I'll see you when I see you, oh, that's right, last stream I set pretty much all I needed for the last Golem animation, just gonna do the loop and cumming and it's done, then I'll just test all the new animations in-game, which probably will be next stream, and after that I'll update the beta. This one was just an hour long tho, just to start slowly after all the hiatus, mmm, maybe that's another option, to do shorter streams but more often, who knows, anyways, nothing more to add, so I'll just bounce.

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  1. Your first announcement made me sweat a bit. {'^_^}

    The new beta will be welcome. Hope to have a small description of the content of the update when you release it. {^_°}

  2. LOL at having Dragon Dogma's theme now in your playlist ^-^

  3. "I'm not sticking to a set schedule for the streams"

    AKA you wanna play dragon's dogma some more, we can see what your up to XD joking aside take as much time as you need dood^^

  4. "streams will be random, but they will be 1 each week"

    why you lyiiiing' lol

  5. Either this guy is playing too much dogma, or an accident happened, let's hope he is A-ok. Or you know, he could be busy with real life stuff, who knows.

  6. Oh, I had forgotten to check in a while, but come back to see there's a possible update to the demo soon. Hope he doesn't keep us waiting too much longer then.