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I have no Honor

Seeing how the leap attack of the wolf broke, I think I'll take this opportunity to rewrite the enemy ai, so I can easily add attack patterns and abilities, that will actually be different depending on the difficulty.
What attacks you do think would be good to add so the fights are fun? So far I was thinking on making them like in Dragons Dogma or DaS, where the keep their distance and dodge and shit, also I might change or add a leap attack that just passes through you but strips you of a chunk of your clothes (In the final game there will be progressive cloth damage).

On another note, if any of you would want to kick my ass and vent some frustration of me not working on the game; I've been playing For Honor (PC) a bunch lately, you can add me if you want. (I've had the same nickname since 2002, guess what it is)


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  1. For now the combat differs a bit depending on what enemy is fought, and what weapon is used. The sword is a good juggler and good overall damage to speed ratio. The spear is slower, but stronger, and higher range, and the daggers are the quickest, but no juggling. There are also ranged weapons to consider. I like the combat system as it is already, but I'm open to more ways to make this funner.

  2. You are one of the most inconsistent developers I know. But at least you are getting back to work ^^

  3. No frustration. You provide a quality game that is free to play to the public. It's your project, I stand behind you. One thing I really wanna see, is a different position for Mitsuko in the oral rape senario with the Wolf. Her on all four's, with the wolf mounting from the front, its head and upper body over her shoulders and back. Or perhaps, a 2 v 1 grapple animation with 2 enemies of the same /diff type nearby.

    Even without I look forward to the next update, when ever it is ready and how ever long that takes. I remember back in an earlier version you had a "Golden" Horse, one that didn't do fatal dmg to you so you could let it rape you over and over. When you started the game out of the ship going down several levels. Then when you began in the room and have to break out.

    Keep it up and do this at your pace.

  4. I think the AI needs to react faster more than anything. I can more or less use dash the entire game and not get hit except for maybe once or twice, and it's usually just because of lucky placement of enemy spawns.

    The combat is very lacking, and is extremely easy on all difficulties. I'd like to see this changed. Might I recommend that all enemies have an attack set aside for when Mitsuko attempts to just run by them.

    I'd also suggest a system to where dive attacks (especially by the wolf) either
    A. Do not knock you down, and instead damage the armor meter drastically, or
    B. Knock you down and instantly put you in a grapple.

    I'd love to see gangbanging animations as well, such as "jernery shores" recommended.

    While I'm getting off topic, I'd also like to see a edit of the rapEscape in SpacEscape (you should totally make your own system and call it rapEscape).
    Maybe an option for a single button. The thing I'd like to see the most, however, is for escaping grapples and rape scenes to be harder.
    It's way too easy, and the game presents no challenge at all... I play Hard difficulty with no clothes and fists only... and it's still fairly easy (the only exception being the boss, which is extremely annoying to fight unless you can deal high damage).

    To finish off, I'd also like to see the slime and boss battle actually try to get you. Both are very lackluster, despite being very powerful enemies. I'd take inspiration from "Marionette of dazzle with Iris" (using your Links to Other Developer's Blogs thing lol) and have slime able to do dive attacks as well. Slime also shouldn't be able to knock you down. It should instantly grapple you. It's slime, it's gooey and sticky and loves to capture stuff.

    I don't know what all you'd like to do with the golem, but I'd like to see a lot more there, too...

    There, jeez... that's a lot of typing! Haha!

    1. I too never liked the fact that you can just skip all enemies in the game by dashing jumping (heck I do it too when testing), but I also didn't wanted to go for the easy way out of making the enemies hurt you by just touching you like a regular platformer. Actually, at some point the wolf and slime had an attack specifically to know you off the air if you tried to go past them, but I figured it made the game unfair, because you should be able to run past them if need be, just, not that easily or with no consequences. Another thing I thought of, is adding collision to the enemies, but due to how flash code works, I haven't found a way that hurts the FPS (collision check is one of the most demanding things in Action Script, so it should be used sparingly), although I haven't really got to try and tackle that to be honest.

    2. While dashing through them is a problem within itself, the sword is actually a bit too overpowered in its state. It's not that it does a stupid amount of damage, which it only slightly does, but because it has the easiest juggle. I find myself just spamming up attack because the enemy has absolutely no way to stop me from doing this. In the end, the only reason I'm not using it is when they're already in the air and I want to use the base attack animations, but then its back to knocking them up into the air. With the horses, you just dash through them with no issue at all and then pick at them.

      While fixing the dash thing is something you've been considering, I think the horse just needs a buff in general. It actually poses no threat at all. Its attack pattern is just too incredibly slow. If you're getting hit by it, then you're letting it do it or just have the reflexes of an old person. The horse should either have faster attacks, instant grapples, or maybe something of a counter attack to punish you for going balls to the wall against them. But that's just the horse...

      Back to the up attack, some suggested solutions would maybe be some invincibility frames to the creatures when they're knocked up so they can't be knocked up continuously and can get an attack in. Or maybe a stamina bar for Mitsuko that disables the knock up when it reaches a certain level, probably half. As it gets lower, damage would decrease as well. You could do more with the stamina bar, but that's my idea just for how to make the fights feel more like actual fights.

      I have more issues with the game to some degree, but those are the ones that I feel really affect the gameplay to the point where it's just too brain dead easy. Two other things though

      1. Please remove the "no nsfw" option. The enemies pose no threat without the grab anyway, but the option also messes with the game if you save while naked. You can't turn it off without having clothes for some reason and if your clothes break then you're SOL, which leads to the second thing.

      2. Please re add a way to fix armor. Because of how easy the game is, this isn't being asked from a difficulty standpoint. It's because of the first problem.

      Thanks for making such a great game, I look forward to the next update.

  5. I just hope I get a good response from this wall of text...

  6. I think gangbangs should be set aside to a much later date. Get the main sets of monsters and game set up then add those in later.

    I also agree that breaking out of grapples is a bit to easy and the ecstasy gauge raises a bit to fast. You could slow down the rate it fills or make the value greater but the higher it is the more difficult to shake the attacker off. Tho I think you may already have this in the game but its effects are too small and you reach max ecstasy too fast to notice. Id say to make the value of the gauge 3x as much or give each level of Mitsuko's perversion its own bar and up the base escape difficulty quite a bit.

    If you do the separate bar idea you could also have each bar have a different rate of decay. The higher the perversion level the slower the decay and require, to drop Mitsuko's perversion level, either clothes(would allow the bar to keep dropping to the next level) or a safe area (would only drop 1 level per different safe room). The "naked and on edge" kind of mentality that wouldn't let Mitsuko calm down. This would make long stretches of game pretty parlous if you get stuck without clothes and no safe area. I'd make only specific save rooms "safe" by showing a one time or recharging lock on the inside or a consumable lock to make any save room safe. Maybe a green and red indicator above the door to show when a room is safe. The harder the difficulty the fewer the safe rooms or the longer the lock takes to recharge. This would raise the importance of clothes rather than it being just an armor and chastity belt.

    As Crimson stated, the slime are powerful but not really a challenge. Giving the slime a lunge/jump would be a nice addition &/or you could give them a projectile that could bind. First hit would slow and disable attacking &/or jumping. Getting hit again is a complete bind. Getting hit in midair would cause a knockdown & bind to floor in a prone position regardless of times hit. A clothed Mitsuko should only get grappled by a large slime if shes is landed on(you could make this into a falling trap) or first bound by the slime shots where clothing damage would be RAPID. Otherwise getting close would result in its current punch attack.

    I also think they should be REALLY resistant to physical attacks and hitting them too much would cause it to split into 2 smaller faster slimes that would lose the projectile ability but a faster jump/lunge. Hitting these smaller faster slimes would cause these to split again to even smaller slimes with the same jump/lunge speed but these would lack the resistance their larger sizes had.

    The medium sized ones would be harder to break a their grapple as the 2 slimes will split the task of grapple and rape on a nude Mitsuko. Otherwise Small clothing damage from one and heavy damage from 2.

    The smallest ones would act like the whole ones projectiles. 1 hit slows, 2 will bind. If clothed, the 2 would damage clothes till shaken off which would be easy. If 3 or all 4 land on Mitsuko clothing damage will increase rapidly and breaking free will be much harder, becoming almost impossible on hard difficulty. If only 1 hits but you've killed/gotten away from the other 3, then after a bit it will do a tiny bit of clothing damage and fall off, then lunge again.

    If nude, 3 landing will start a rape and a 4th increases the escape difficulty. If the mini slimes get Mitsuko to orgasm then one of them will feed off of it and become a medium slime. I think this would be a nice boss battle for the ice shot.

    1. Pen mentioned to me that about the slime, that if you hit them they would split into smaller parts, and thought I liked the idea (but feared the inevitable struggle coding it and squashing bugs), I would have to redo, or make another slime animation for the small ones, because it would feel weird that the slime gets normal size again magically when the rape animation starts.

    2. If i knew how to do it myself, i would and be like "here, take em, just mention me in the credits or somthing."

  7. Now to the point about the ice shot. This item would be the slime's weakness. A jelly slime just splits when hit but a frozen slime loses its physical resistance, splitting ability and takes major damage. A kind of 1,2 punch required to make a boss-like mob when you first meet it into a common enemy. Kind of a Zelda touch. You could also make the mini slimes common occurrences along side other mobs in later areas allowing the other mobs to do clothing damage while the random mini slime disables Mitsuko.

    Wow that ended up longer than I thought. If you haven't noticed by this essay length post I kinda like this game. Prolly one of the best I've played of its type. Even at its current demo its so fluid of a game.

  8. I like the Daggers, or rather I want to say, I want to like the Daggers but don't. They attack fast, but without any knock back I often find myself simply being struck or knocked down myself. Forcing me to use the Guard between attacks. I've tried to find ways to enjoy using them, but have not. Perhaps like Nevar Ryoko said, making each of the 3 Weapons especially effective against a particular enemy, like how you are almost required to use Ice Shot to beat Golem least you have patience.

    And how about enviromental objects to use the weapons on? In the trainer stage we have to fire the Pistol we get upward to kill a slime and open the passage. That, like the original way of figuring how to escape the cell you start in, are nice Puzzle elements the game itself seems to lack. There aren't any puzzles in the main game just a layout and an item quest.

    Perhaps there's a generator out of power we need to aim and shoot with the Electric Shot to activate, but there is something blocking our shot and we need to solve a puzzle , to clear a path to shoot the generator to power it up. Or a fire that breaks out blocking off an area requiring the Ice Shot to remove the hazard. Perhaps a door is jammed and damaged, unable to open even with proper keycard, and would require a full ammo sustained dousing of Flame Rounds to burn through?

    I understand we've all given you alot of ideas and these are all on top of things you -already- need to do. But that's all these are, ideas! Take from it what you can and keep moving on. These paragraphs are our ways of showing our appreciation.

    1. Heh heh, that generator idea actually I've been wanting to put in there,but, you know...reasons. I actually have an overlay to simulate the darkness and have that typical sphere of light around the char, but it's hidden because I needed to put the damn thing in. I guess I never tried because the guns are still a bit glitchy (the shots behave weirdly at times), and also the way the code for damaging objects ended up never satisfied me (for example, the hit that kills an enemy never counts for the combo counter or never shows dmg, I don't remember which one), so I didn't wanted to add to the mess.

    2. I understand. How difficult would it be to code it so Mitsuko can "push" an object? Or "pull" an object?

    3. Lol, I can't believe something like that never crossed my mind.
      It should be very easy to do.

    4. ^__^ Nice. How about hanging, and "climbing" Like there's a section of ceiling with a panel fall out and wiring exposed, and Mitsuko has to jump up and "grab" like the hanging animation, and "swing" using the wires for grip. Perhaps across a floor hazard. How would coding that go?

    5. I have so much input and feed back I'd like to share! But for now I think I should sit be and be patient, and wait for the next patch/update. Take your time.

  9. To be honest, the enemies just need more attack variety. While it is true that in older games variety was simply achieved by adding in more enemies, that was due to limitations. Most enemies could only do one animation. It would be nice if the wolves would do something like bite and hold Mitsuko's leg if there were more than one on screen, pinning her in place to allow a second wolf to attack. Not only that, but height based attacks would be wonderful. You can cancel out the attacks from slimes and horses with certain weapons, but if the slime were to be able to hit lower and slide under weapon arcs or the horses could rear up to allow themselves more reach it would increase the difficulty without slowing down the gameplay.

  10. One thing tho.... is there anyway to change the save location. My comp eventually deletes it.

  11. So have you made any progress fixing the masturbation glitch (where you masturbate forever) or the fact that - no matter how many times I kill mobs - I don't get armor repairs... Nor can I find clothing anywhere...

  12. Oh and Please. Please please - can you make a basic graphics change. I'm colour blind and can't tell the difference between heat up and cool down pills.