sábado, 31 de julio de 2010

Walls issues

Fixed the gotrough-wall-while-dash bug, and the go-trough-wall-while-knockeddown.
See what more bugs can you find people!!!


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  1. La camara esta muy inacesible, ase de jugar y disfrutar el juego un combate perpetuo contra la camara

  2. Hey, I just stumbled on your stuff and I have to say I love it!

    I'm definitely one to help saw out some bugs. So if they are or aren't bugs I'll bring it to your attention.

    Virtually any ceiling that is a corner you can glitch through. If you keep jumping at it, you warp all the way to the top of the stage you do it in.

    I think you already know about that and are using it for a couple neat things until you find a way to patch it up, but just in case I figured I'd bring it to your attention. ^_^

  3. Absolutely in love with your work.

    I am having a little bit of a problem past door one in the Golem Man stage. The easiest way to make sure you don't slide off of the second tiny platform on the right is to dash jump to it, but if you hit the wall while dash jumping you fall behind the stage and become invisible.

    Also when fighting Golem Man himself if he knocks me down on the right into the wall I can't get back up and he can't hit me so I have to restart.

    I'll keep looking and hoping to see more. I've never gotten to see any of the cum scenes so I look forward to you putting them back in. ^.^

    If you need any ideas or help with stuff that doesn't involve actual programming please send me an E-mail at dakkonblackblade.corwin@gmail.com

  4. Howdy,
    I'm really enjoying your demo. I hope to see a completed game soon.
    On the bugs you asked us to report:
    I've noticed that the health bar often shows fractional decimaled(sp?) health.
    instead of 91/100 it shows 91.666666666669/100

    The blue pills don't seem to do much, they reduce the status/horny bar a little, but not as much as the pink pills raise it.
    Also, I'd like to offer a suggestion, have the status bar change colors, from turned on, pink to red when horny.

    The flame thrower has no visible flame for me.
    I was able to do some damage to one of the black orb creatures before it ran out of fuel, but I couldn't tell how far my range was.

    I had the same problem that someone else reported earlier about the dash/jump pushing me behind a wall. This is to the far right after the first blue door.

    After beating the golem man, if I retry the level, many of the bad guys don't spawn, I also can't re-fight the golem, when I get to the purple door, it just stops and goes into a loop where she's pumping her fist. I can't break out to the options menu or the title menu, I have to close the game.

    Thanks again for the game, I really enjoy playing what parts I can!

  5. Hiya! Like everybody else here, I'm loving the game and looking forward to seeing the final version.

    I also found a bug! I liked goofing around with the outfits after different sexual statuses and found that if horny, when knocked down you can't get back up due to being unable to use the escape thing WHEN horny. The wolf is fine with this, but the tentacle monster can't reach the floor to pick you up, and the golem thing just stands over you punching at air.

    And during this time, you can't move, access options or anything. Hope that helps!