miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

One more step foward...

Another day and another update, this time i have finally get the weapons to work, you can shoot standing, jumping and crouching, but no running.
Also im experimenting with security, and converted the swf via a third party program so you wont be able to resize the window or maximize it, i hope this gets rid of the problems when playing in widescreen monitors, i dont own one, so im just taking wild shots here.
Please notify me of any bus you find

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  1. Hmm..there's a bit of odd floor tension, making her wobble on a flat platform allot. Nothing major but the screen bobbing is rather odd overall and could be redone ( most obvious area is the upper pathway with the pit you'll need to jump over to get the first card key ). The Kuromaru if grabbed at Normal and don't escape will skip RIGHT over 'tuned' status putting you directly into horny. Works normally if already in tuned if grabbed thought.

    That's all that I've caught so far, if I find more I'll let you know. Thanks allot for your hard work and continued devotion towards this project!

    Only things I would want to point out: I miss her status standing animations from the old build ( the lustful pose at honry with the heart tail should come back at one point I think ) but I do like this new flash player, a bit small, but thanks to it if grabbed you can see the HP/horny status as well instead of just escape. Overall this builds a nice little improvement.

  2. I would like to request an Adobe version of this, what you used doesn't want to run on my system ;_;

  3. I am still working on finding any bugs that you haven't already discovered or been told about, but I did want to let you know this is a great game and I am REALLY looking forward to the next rendition.

    One suggestion, when you get to the cum scenes you might want to show the enemies spurting some onto her for extra effect or even a cutaway internal shot off to the side.

    A continuation of the beasts screwing her after she's been defeated sexually while you're deciding whether or not to continue would be awesome. Then we can watch her get screwed infinitely. <3

  4. Im planning to do it, its just that im very lazy whne it comes to draw on the pc, but it will be done, that much i can guarantee