viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

One hella of a update

Greetings, today im very happy with the progress so far with the game, why? just check it out:

I just dont know how i did it but i get rid of that bug that made the floor jumpy, man i was starting to think that would be with me until the end.
All the weapons are fully operational, theyre scattered through the stage so you can try them (except the flame thrower, which you have to beat golemman to obttain it).
Added two special effects to the elec shot and ice blade: elec shot will stun enemies for about 3 secs, and ice blade will freeze them until you hit them again.
Now you can do combos to the enemies, but sadly you end beating the shit out of them, so ill work on an invincibility state so they have a chance to strike.
Also i fixed all the remaining wall bugs so i hope you wont be able to go out of the stage anymore.

So have fun and if you find any bugs please let me know.
BTW this changes only apply to the golemman stage.


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  1. Game's looking great so far, Uriel! Can't wait to see how the finished product looks! ^^ What you planning on working with next?

  2. It looks absolutely amazing now. Its really coming along and I can't wait to see what happens next.

    The weapon ideas are really cool and I like the combos. Even better I haven't found any wall bugs at all yet.

    I'll keep on testing away at it and seeing what breaks but the only thing I've found so far is that when Golem Man 'kills' you by taking you down to 0 life with screwing the game glitches and you disappear with him standing there.

    Hope this helps,

  3. And stuff I noticed, along with reminders for things that didn't get fixed:

    1. I wonder if it'd be possible to bump the Double Jump power-up over a little to the left? It seems to be a little difficult to reach where it is right now. Not impossible, just can't grab it on immediate contact.

    2. Still can't get up when knocked down in a "Horny" state. Like I said before, it's no problem for the wolf, but the eyeball monster and the golem can't touch you, so you just stay there forever without dying or anything and have to start over completely.

    3. Player character's tail is still a little buggy. It seems to whip around like crazy in some poses and on the Option screen, disappears from time to time.

    4. I was looking at the stuff leading toward the other levels and...need any ideas for enemies? I got a fuuuuun imagination. (Example) Another anthro like the main character would be fun to play with!) I don't know much about programing, but I can throw a few thoughts your way if you ever feel stumped on designs! XD

    And I think everybody else already pointed out the other things. I'll keep looking!

  4. A few things to point out:

    It's rather clear out of all of the foes, only the dogs is working as it should. If Kuromaru grabs you while in the normal status, and fucks you up normally to 'tuned', it still skips RIGHT over that to horny. And if Golam Man rapes you at horny into death, the game doesn't display your death animation, instead makes you vanish as if trying to do the old 'explosion' KO and becomes unplayable.

    Both of those are nothing thought compared to the heart upgrade and how meaningless it is. On the dog it works like it should, but for Kuromaru and the Boss, it seems to not work at all, to a degree where if you go down to 19 HP or less, they count you as dead. This is partly because the HP bar doesn't really count the extra 20 HP right, thinking it of negatives.

    The dog near key card 2 seems to have some...insane respawn trigger if coming from the left hand side, to a degree if you stand in the right place and kill it, it'll pop RIGHT back and try to attack you again, it doing this over and over without end.

    Lastly, the power ups are in need of stage changing. If I get towards the boss and die with them, they return on the stage to be gathered once again. More less the heart power up. Only the doable jump doesn't, but it's current location can make it both easy to miss, more less very frustrating to pick up at all.

    Beyond this the stage feels FAR more solid, more less the speed and movement. I do wish you would fix up the foes past the dog, more less say return the slime, and maybe in the future different animations depending on horny status. There's also a need to balance 'damage/horny gain' as well, but lets just get this allot less buggy first shall we? ;3

  5. Can we please get an Adobe exe version of this. The 3rd party exe simply doesn't work right on my system. I can get it to load up, but no matter what I do I can't get anything after your logo to work.

  6. Current version won't run for me at all. I don't know what you're using to package this, but it does not work at all.

    Error Location: 00408A98 01:00007A98

  7. Thankyou for your comments, i have checked the bugs and the only one i couldnt reproduce was the one that locks you if your knockedd off while horny, also i run the exe in my older pc and it worked fine, so i dont know what could be the issue, btw the program i used is calledflash exe builder 1.0, try to install it and see if taht fixes the problem.

  8. Installing Flash exe Builder didn't help at all. I still can't run the game... :(

  9. Question to the people who can't run it:
    What OS are you guys running? If it's Win 7 that might be a big reason on why honestly.

    ...And if you don't know why I would say that then you upgraded to Win 7 far, FAR too fast to be near a PC...

  10. I can't run it either. I've tried on several Windows XP machines, and a virtual machine.

    It may be because it's only using Adobe Flash 6 as its multimedia player. We're up to version 10 these days and I'm wondering if certain codecs or plugins are preventing it from functioning properly.

    It's all video on mine. I can navigate with keys, but it's always a black screen apart from the logo.

  11. That is chances are it as well.
    I'm using Flash 10 and getting no errors here, so try updating your flash version and see what comes out of that.

  12. I can't wait to see the next installment! I've been following your work for a while now, and the anticipation is killing me. I love how you've streamlined all the animations and made things work is it just up to level design and a few tweaks, enemies and what-have-you?