jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Megaman Time!!!

New version up:

[li]Added a spinwall from X2[/li]
[li]Added a boss door[/li]
[li]Added a water area, with working water physics and graphic effects (no sound effects yet)[/li]
[li]added a spintube from X[/li]
[li]added a change weapon button[/li]
[li]X and zero no longer share their hp[/li]
[li]added some sound effects from X7[/li]
[li]the menu is working now access it with ESC or ENTER[/li]
[li]Added another capsule for X, this one contains a foot upgrade thatll let you do a backdask by pressing dash+down[/li]


Known Bugs:

When you do the back dash with X, if you keep dash pressed you will go back until you let go of it or you hit a wall
Sometimes the menu locks and can only be accessed with zero
If you try to customize the change player button or the change subweapon button you cannot change any other thing on that screen.
Zero dashslash doesnt damage enemies

1 comentario:

  1. There doesn't seem to be any buttons for sub weapon, change character and change sub weapon.

    I've found two capsules, what does the first one do?

    Also as for the customizing bug, the menu will still recognized the button you just set as a custom.

    By the way, since your not going to be working on Mitsuko X for a while, do you think you could a release an Adobe Flash Projector EXE version of it? The exe you use now doesn't work on my system.