martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Quite a while isnt it?

Many things  have been said, many things have been thought, but the one truly true is that Mitsuko X is not dead, it never was, it will never be.
Well stepping aside philosophy, is SURE has been a while since i showed any signs of life, long story short, nothing can be more far from true, as i said before, im still working on the game, the reason that i havent made any updates is that i havent accomplished anything stable enough for my tastes. call it perfectionism, lazyness or whatever, the thing is, i didnt feel it was a good time for an update, that and the fact that i redesigned all the balsted scenario AGAIN, this time i made everything "smaller" in comparison to the stage (the flash stage), that would let me make the stages of the game larger and more challenging, also im currently working on some way to improve the battle system, something like valkyrie profile (no, it wont become an RPG), what im talking about is the part with the combos, air lifting and all that, for that purpose ive been focusing on the weapons, and now the basic comboset is complete for the 3 melee weapons, the guns work pretty good except for the flame thrower and the ice shotgun which can be fired without the 3 bullet on screen restriction, also i made possible shooting upwards, about running... ill think about it.
Now for the good news (the news all you little pervs are thinking) i changed a little the way the enemies rape you, now when you get thrown, theres a random chance to fall either face-down or face-up, and of course, that means 2 completely different sets of rapes, being 1 per status(normal,turned,horny) x 2 = 6, plus a cum animation for everyone of them, THAT my friends is the really reason this bitch is taking me so long, i have to admit im VERY LAZYYYYY to make animations and most of all coming up with poses, so far i finished the wolf, all is left is the sounds, next ill do golemman (which im thinking of redesign too), and after that ill FINALLY will upload an update.
In some other minor notices i experimented trying to do an elevator, which actually worked, also i made mid-game save points that remember the exact position, hp, arousal, weapon equipped and everything else, so the game now looks more pro now.
Well this one hella big post so ill  shut up for now, i hope this somehow makes up for the long wait, and all i can hope is that the wait would be worth it.

PD: As you can see im well, and no, i didnt even notice mexico's situation, and no, im not a hikkikomori i do go outside (on weekends) and i have a job, and yes, this is the end of the PD XP.

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  1. Coming up with poses is hard sometimes,

    It would be one thing if it were in a 3d space, but from a sidescroller perspective, its tough -_-

  2. Hahahah yeah, what Kyrieru says its true, poses, animation, that kind of thing. Dang, at least you guys know how to animate,not like me xD cause i dont know anything about flash

    Good to see you are doing fine man! By the looks of it, yeah, it will be worth the wait, well...this Update ahahhaahaha

    Now that i remember, GOLEM-MAN usually on his rape (Status: Horny) the Camera actually points to the top of their head and ''Cuts'' almost the image of it, dunno how to explain it

  3. I have to say, I've been checking your page daily, and I'm so happy to see you finally updated!! Good luck, and if you need any help let the community know! This is easily my favorite game and I want to see it finished!!!! :3

  4. I hope all goes well and things start turning up green and happy!

    I can't wait to see what comes out and if you need any help, as always, I'm available. :D

  5. I'm sure the wait will be worth it.