viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Lets try this shall we?

First of all dont get exited yet, still no update.
I just wanted to try something different this time, to try to loose the load on all the people that cant sleep thinking : "what the hell is this frigging lazy doing??", im gonna post a summary of what i did on the game, or, if i didnt touch it, why (though, if some day i forgot to post you can pretty much asume i didnt work on it). I think this will give you a better view as for where im with the game as to when will you get the next version, and if you think this just will slow my progress, think again, i will just post the general idea of what i worked on, i wont go into details, besides, posting in a daily basis will get me (i hope) more feedback and will keep the ideas coming, so lets star this thing before i change my mind.

Well, to begin with, some bad news -_-, i havent touched the game since last week, the reason? a little something called Shin Bokura no Taiyoh 3: Sabata's Counter Attack, i have been playing all day long, and im probably not done until next week (still missing some items) but since its the only thing having my attention now, once i complete it, its back to work.

See you next entry, and remember : "The sun will rise tomorrow", so dont lose hope.

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