viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

A very close call...

Well, last Wednesday, while doing just my regular stuff, my pc suddenly froze, the first thing crossing my mind was "The hell?! ... wait, no! my info!! i havent made a backup since i got my new pc (like a year or so)", then it began to make some weird click noise, luckily i restarted and after a few tries i got it to work again, so researching time, found that the noise means that the hard drive has a mechanical malfunction, and pretty much its as good as dead, because it has its days counted, luckily again, i have 2 hard drives on my pc (160 & 500 Gb), the only problem here is, that i still dont know which ones is going to die, because since that day it hasnt froze again, but dont worry, mitsuko X is safe and sound on a DVD.

The point here is, that until i found out which hard drive i must change i wont risk working on the game just to lost it, just so you know when you feel im taking too long to show signs of life.

Heh, its pretty funny, i have seen many posts from game creators saying that they wont continuing making the game because their pc broke, i guess making a game gets you cursed XD.

Well, as soon as i get this fixed up, ill let you guys know, so see you around.

Connection Lost...

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  1. Damn these computers... when something good is in the works they get fuked up

  2. I've suffered this shit a couple of times, so I have 3 external HDDs where I make safety copies each 4 days. That kind of things made me paranoid.

  3. If the system froze, the faulty drive is likely that which contains your operating system.

    Most drive manufacturers provide ISO images for download that can be burned to CD, boot off of, and run diagnostics on the drives. Said 'clicking' should have tripped the SMART sensor on whichever drive is failing.

    Additionally, do you have anywhere (like paypal?) were we can donate? Especially for situations such as this.

    Nyarly's idea of external HDDs isn't a bad idea for home users.

  4. @Lone Lurkuer
    Mmmm i should look up to that, i want to get this issue fixed as soon as possible.
    About the are the third people that offers that, im not really thinking in accepting donations (cause i think my "so-called game is not worth it), but tell you what, if, say 7 other people make the same offer, ill think about it...