miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Future Plans

Well, now that it looks like i squashed every game-freeze bug, i'll now work on the attacking system, for that purpose i'll add the following:

-Crouch attack animation for the rest of the weapons
-Upward attack for spear and dagger
-More complex comboing (maybe i'll add a secondary button for hard meele attacks, not quite sure)
-These are just possibilities :
  -Ladder attack and dash attack
  -More weapons (though there will be only 3 types-sword spear and dagger)
  -More guns (well, actually types of ammunition, depends on what i think could fit into the game)

when i have something i like (how the hits "feel", combo counter etc), i'll add an update for you to try it, after that, ill go crazy adding more enemies, i just need the combat to complete the enemy template, so making more enemies will be just a matter of making the animations (ugh).

And after all that ill begin adding the corruption mode, yes you hear me well, the idea came to me mostly from MMBN 4 & 5 (and fairy fighting's fallen fairy finisher), and it will work in a similar fashion: you will have access to a powerful attack (this being a sexual attack, like in dirtyc101 game), but every time you use it youll become tainted by the virus (heh, it doesnt make much sense isnt it?), and when you are fully tainted, you will be able to damage the enemies only with that attack (which will have 3 animations depending on how tainted you are), thats the basic idea, i have still to figure how can you return to be normal and what penalties will the "dark" have on you.

Well, i hope that very very little update help you guys to bear the wait. See ya.

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